Wednesday, August 24, 2011


38 years ago today, I married my High School sweet heart!!! Yes, I guess you could say that I was a "child bride"! LOL! Now...we got married outside in the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens and thank the Lord that it for sure was NOT this was only a "normal" Texas summer back then....other wise we might have been smack in the middle of the fountains to say our "I Do's"!!! So needless to say this is a busy week!!! Mr. Junkin aka my hubby and I will be celebrating this weekend by staying in Dallas and going to the Keith Urban concert.....which I am looking soooo forward to!!! Deidra is back from Florida, and we are BUSY getting ready for our upcoming Canton Weekend!~ We will be bringing a trailer load of new stuff and will also have our "neck coolers" again......looks like we might just need them! LOL! My hubby said that he hopes that I do not need to take one to the concert to help "cool" me down when Keith Urban takes the stage!!! Uuuummmm, he does have a good point! wink! Hope the rest of your week is a good one! Junkin Luv........Cathy aka GGJ

Friday, August 19, 2011

Junkin friends........

Hope you are all enjoying your Friday and have something fun planned for the weekend!!! It is STILL really HOT here in Texas, in fact, 107 is the high today...Uuggg! So long for some cooler weather but since it does not seem to be coming around any time soon, guess I will just stay in and create more goodies for Canton Weekend!!! Deidra has been a "beach bunny" all this past week in Destin Florida and for me, besides being jealous...LOL....I have been doing some creating and "day dreamin" about fall, and upcoming Canton and what "new treasures" we can fill the booth wheels are ALWAYS spinning!! LOL! We are so blessed to know so many creative people in the "junkin world" being Mark from The Vintage Sign Yard! He sets up in the field in Canton a few rows behind us and makes some of the most AWESOME old signs.....some of which he displays in our booth! You can also follow him on facebook!

Welllll, thats all for now, gotta go and put my Creating Hat on!!!

Hugs and Junkin Luv.......Cathy

Monday, August 15, 2011


HAPPY MONDAY blogger peeps!!! Deidra is enjoying some down time in Florida this week and I am at home on my "staycation".....wa...wa...wa...LOL!!! With the way our next Canton weekend falls, it works out that we have all of August off and it has been so nice to have a little break from our HOT weather that we have been having this summer and we are soooo hoping that it will be a tad bit cooler when we go back in a few weeks!!! We will have alot of new treasures, and hope that we will see some of our friends and shoppers that take a break from Canton during the HOT SUMMER time!!!!

Hugs an Junkin Luv!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

SINGING IN THE RAIN..............

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday and plan on doing something fun this weekend!!! We woke up to some much needed rain her in the Ft. Worth area this morning and really felt like I could run out and sing "praises" in the rain!!! Deidra is on her way to Florida for her family vacation, and I am starting to get my Canton list out and begin creating.......but first, it is Sonic "happy hour" and anyone who knows me will know what that means.....time to get the Route 44 Diet Coke with a shot of vanilla....yummy, can't start creating without one!!!

Hugs and Junkin Love........Cathy

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Help me...I'm Melting.........................................

YES...we are still HOT here in Texas!!! In fact, I think we broke the record of 1980 many days in a row of triple digits! Uggg! The way I sweat, I should be wearing a SIZE 2, BUT not the case so guess ya better put a 1 in front of that 2! LOL! Deidra is preparing to go to Florida on vacation, and I will be here at home on a "STAYCATION" getting ready for our next Canton weekend!!! Today, I did venture out and stopped by an Estate Sale, but by the time I went through everything looking for a treasure or two, and visited with some of my junkin peeps that I know, I was sweating bullets!!! Orrrrr, guess you could say that I had a nice GLOW on my face! LOL! We do hope you are all enjoying the remainder of your summer before the kiddos head back to school, and then hope to see ya make it back out to Canton for some fun, junkin time! Hugs an Junkin Love


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hope you are all finding ways to keep cool as our temperatures just continue to rise!!!! We just got back from a HOT Canton Weekend, and were surprised to see the shoppers that came out and endured our heat!!! We appreciate all of you that came by and shopped with us.......our neck coolers were a hit for sure, and if the heat goes on, we will bring them back next month!!! If you are not a facebook fan of ours, we would love to have you hop on board as we find that it is easier and faster to update on there everyday...........just go to our girls gone junkin fb and click the "like" icon and there you go......we also have some fun contests with giveaways on there!! My sweet grandson is here for the week so I am enjoying being a "Gigi" and spending time with him........junkin is on the back burner for the week! Hope you all enjoy your week and find ways to keep cool!!!