Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time Flies....

WOW!! It has been a BUSY month for Deidra and I, and thought our blog should be updated before heading out to Canton in the morning!!! Especially since we have not done so since Fathers Day! LOL! Besides hitting the junkin trail, and working on jewelry, or I should say Deidra has been working on jewelry as I have had more fun events going on this month and had to put a few Canton related things on the back burner.......I have attended a party....a wedding...and most important, had a Birthday party at our house for our grandson who turned 3! All of which were on the weekend before Canton........and I will just say, although we all had such a wonderful, fun filled time, and made some great "family memories", I am getting tooooooo darn old for 3 events in one weekend!!! My mind says yes, but the body says Noooooo, and you are gonna pay for all that fun! LOL! Now, I am getting ready to price and pack, help load the trailer, and head out for Canton Weekend in the morning........so hope you are planning on coming out to see us, and who knows we might just have some items marked down for the 4th of July Weekend!!! HAPPY TRAILS........Cathy an Deidra aka GGJ

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day.......

I hope you have all enjoyed your Fathers Day Weekend, and if you are blessed to still have your dad, hope you got to spend some time together!!! My dad has been gone 11 yrs. now, but there is not a Fathers Day that goes by that I don't miss him! I have soooooo many fun, great memories that I will always cherish! One being that he loved to restore old, vintage pick up trucks! He would work so hard turning them in to a real beauty......he did it all from the motor, covering the seats, to the paint and body work! If he were still here, I just know that he would have one for me to tool around and do my junkin in......and it would be painted "pink" with Girls Gone Junkin on the tailgate!!! I have to admit, that sometimes it makes me a lil sad that he is not here to be apart of my "junkin" adventures, but I know in my heart that he is smiling down on me, and someday I do hope to have that old vintage pick up truck......painted pink of course!

HUGS....Cathy aka GGJ

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun times in Canton......

Deidra and I have been back from our Canton weekend now a week tonight, and I thought it would be a good idea to update our blog before I call it a night! I must admit though after watching our Dallas Mavs win and take home the title of NBA CHAMPS, I am just a tad bit still wired up! LOL! We had a great and fun filled Canton weekend, especially on Friday when the Gilded Life Girls came riding in to town...Canton that is, and on a chartered bus to boot! Shea and Debbie hosted a 3 day "creating" event in Dallas at their home which happens to be an old Church that words don't even begin to describe!!! The day spent shopping in Canton was part of the girls 3 day event......and they do know how to shop and have fun! We made so many new friends from around the United States, and among the group we were honored to meet Jo Packham, Editor-In-Chief of the magazine "Where Women Create"! Not only did we have the group shop with us, we also fed them lunch....right smack in the middle of our booth! We could never have done this without the help of Deidra's sister "Niecee" and my niece Sheena.....THANK YOU is not enough as these two are some kind of hard workers!!! This is one of the best and rewarding things about having our business in Canton......meeting and making new friends each month who have a love for "shabby, chippy, vintage decor. and "junk" aka treasures that is!!! I have to end with saying to Shea and Debbie....WE WILL MISS YOU, and Deidra and I are soooooo honored that we got to be apart of your last Gilded Life Event in Dallas before heading West......back to California!


Cathy an Deidra

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


AND THE WINNER FOR "Where Junk Hoarders Create" is........Joy Gabler! Congratulations Joy! Send me your address and I will send you a great "Junkin' prize. Send your addres to: fourthds@yahoo.com. Cathy and I were so glad to see we were not the only ones who had "Junk Hoarder" rooms...lol! Trust me...it was really hard to choose a winner, I had to have my son help me with the decision. Thanks to everyone who participated.