Saturday, January 29, 2011

spring like weather an getting ready for Canton

We have been blessed with two BEAUTIFUL DAYS of spring like weather, and I hope if you live in our neck of the woods, that you have been able to get outside and enjoy it!!! I went to an Estate Sale Fri. and found some awesome treasures.......of which most will be heading to Canton next week! Today, the hubby and I spent the day outside painting furniture that will also be going to Canton. It is amazing how much more enjoyable it is to paint when the sun is out, and you can be in short sleeves and flip flops...especially in January!! We have had such a beautiful week of weather, but........I am afraid that the "Weather Gods'' are not going to be so good to us next week!! In fact, Deidra and I are thinking that maybe we should invest in some insulated coveralls, bling um up, and cover them in lace to give them a "vintage look"! We might just get something started! lol What do you think????? In this business you learn REAL QUICK, that

there is nothing you can do about the weather, so we just have fun and make the best of it!!


Cathy aka GGJ

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am so excited! I have been re-modeling and re-decorating for at least the past two or three years. I am finally beginning to see the end of the tunnel. Craig and I have been doing this ourselves between his work, my work, and raising our 13 year old son who's social life is constant. I wanted to show you some of the finished work we have done. We have re-textured every wall in our house and glazed it with the Gel Stain Minwax. I LOVE that stuff! I have had the help of a wonderful decorator, who you may know...her name is Cathy(not only my business partner, but my wonderful friend.) Her mom is working on my bedding, otherwise I would have showed that. I have thrown in a couple of pictures of the living, bath and kitchen too. Let me know what you think. Please disregard the Sonic cup in one of the pictures...oops!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glitter and treasures

HAPPY SUNDAY JUNKIN FRIENDS.............Thought I would take a break from glitter, hearts and shred! For me, today is a flannel pants, no make-up, football and crafting kinda day!!! I have been working on some goodies for our upcoming Canton weekend, and have also managed to hit a few thrift stores this past week! Yesterday, hubby and I hit a couple of good Estate Sales, and then topped the day off with eating at Pappadeaux in Ft.Worth.....they have awesome seafood and I LOVE salmon! In fact did you know that salmon is very good brain food???? I say, whatever it takes!!! LOL @ Deidra has been redoing her bedroom this past week, so in the morning I am going to go and help her decorate, and fluff!!!! One of the things that I really love to do........guess it reminds me of playing house as a little girl! LOL .............I will make sure she posts some pics! The rest of the week we both will be "burning the midnight oil" getting ready for our next Canton which will be Feb. 3rd - 6th! Soooooo, gather up your peeps, and come out and see us!! Also, did you know we are on facebook??? If you have not already, look us up and click "like" to follow our updates! When we reach 1000 fans, we are going to have a Girls Gone Junkin GIVEAWAY!!! Sooooooo jump on over, click like, and tell your never know what you might WIN!



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello to all our great blog followers! I have been in Red River New Mexico with most of my family on a ski trip. We had a great time, and while Cathy was wishing for Spring, I was wishing for more snow and fresh powder...haha! We enjoyed all of the snow and beautiful scenery. I will try to post some pictures, but I always seem to screw that up somehow.
Now that we are back home, I am with Cathy and wishing for Spring time weather...what a difference one day can make! Hope everyone is doing well and I hope that all of you have a great New Year in store for you.
For those who have sister Diann has been on dialysis and seems to have gotten her strength back and is her "old self" again...Thanks to all who asked about her and sent well wishes and prayers. We are still waiting on a transplant....only a few more test to go thru.....hopefully February...I am crossing my fingers!
Take care!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have been thinking, and as my hubby would say, " that could be scary"! But, besides being tired of our COLD Winter weather here in Texas, Valentines Day is just around the corner, Sooooooooo thought I would show some of my Grandmothers vintage cards that I am blessed to have!!! My grandma, who we called Ma was born in 1900 and lived to be 86yrs. old! I am often amazed at all the events, and progress in our society that she was able to experience in her life time!! I don't think she ever threw a card or letter away and some of them are just so darn CUTE! I really LOVE to read the back of them!

Enjoy, and let's all THINK SPRING to help us get through our Cold Winter!

Cathy aka GGJ

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year.............

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF OUR BLOGGIN BUDDIES!!! We were in Canton for New Years weekend and were soooooo thankful that people came out to shop! We never know what to expect, as Jan. and Aug. are our 2 slowest months through the year.......but after a few prayers, and having some good sales on our merchandise, we made it through and came out in the black!!! Now it is time to set some goals for the new year, and get back to we all kicked back and spent time time enjoying the Christmas Holiday with our families and put Canton on the back burner!!! We do appreciate all of you who support and shop with us, and can I just say we LOVE OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS!!! All of you are what makes our job, and business sooooooo much FUN!!! We are looking forward to the upcoming new year, and hope to bring you many new found treasures that make your heart go pitter patter!!!

We will have our web site updated over the next few weeks, and can be our fan on facebook too!

Have a wonderful week...............................................

Cathy an Deidra