Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WOW!!!! What a week!!! We are headed to Canton in the morning, and are soooooo looking forward to some fall weather after our long HOT summer!!!! The weather is suppose to be Beautiful, and this weekend "Kicks Off" the Holiday shopping!!!!! Hope to see ya'll there.........


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Have you ever had to go to the bathroom so bad that you couldn't think of ANYTHING else but finding a bathroom? Well, that is what Cathy and I were thinking about yesterday when we pulled into Canton. We were going a little early to get ready for next week. We pulled up to our booth and our friend Blake was there ready and willing to do some work we had hired him to do. We said our hello's and then proceeded to tell him that we had to go to the bathroom and would be right back. We had noticed that he had hung a chandelier for us, but of course it was the wrong one. We showed him the correct one to hang in its' place. Cathy and I jumped into our car and headed to the wonderful brick bathrooms........locked.......Cathy spotted a port-o-potty......jumped out of the car, running like something was chasing me.......locked......After I said a few "not very nice words", we jumped back into the car...I told Cathy that I had taken my water pill that morning, and I didn't think I was going to make it. About that time, my phone rang...picked it up and Blake was telling me he needed help...he had fallen off the ladder....we forgot about needing to go potty and raced back to the booth. Blake was laying on the ground, glass everywhere, and in so much pain. He thought he had fractured his ankle. Thank God he did not hit his head or hurt his back. It could have been so much worse. Cathy and I picked him up, me trying not to wet my pants as I lifted him...lol....and got him in the truck. By this time, for me, it was wet my pants or go somewhere in the booth. Now this is where you will see, I have no modesty...come on girls...I know that you have been there before. My childhood instincts kicked in and we started looking for a cup to use. I remember having to do this on long trips for vacation, my dad hated to stop and there were 4 of us girls. Needles to say 2 cups were need by this time, but I finally got relief. Cathy then followed after me....you can say we are not just "junkers"...but "resourceful junkers". So then we proceed for the highway to the nearest emergency room.....1st stop...just sort of a Care Now, couldn't take him, we needed to go to Terrell. We head towards Terrell, construction work...traffic backed up....Blake is hurting worse and tells me to do an illegal turn(pulling trailer) and go the wrong way up an entrance ramp....car coming towards me, I sped up and made it..."whew" thank God no cops around...we are heading down some country road, I have no idea where we are, in the middle of nowhere...I look at my gas tank we are on "0". I forgot, I needed to get gas when we pulled into Canton. Saying a little prayer to myself....we made it to a gas station in time. By this time, probably 45 minutes had passed and Blake was trying to control his pain....he was being so quiet, and Cathy and I were talking his head off. He was probably wanting us to shut up. We finally arrived at an ER in Terrell, wheeled him in, got X-rays, and he had fractured his heel. How painful is that? They cast him and then...they were out of crutches. What hospital could be out of crutches? All they had was one left..One? How do you have just one crutch? Anyway, they gave it to him and he hobbled back to the car. By this time he was in so much pain, and we felt so sorry for him. We made it back to the booth, his girlfriend came, picked him up, and took him home. Cathy and I took a deep breath and were ready to start with the booth. Rain starts pouring down about that time, and I needed to move the car and back the trailer into the booth. I go to get in my car....my car won't start...battery is dead. OMG! We just looked at each other and decided that today was not the day to come down and work on the booth. I go to get my jumper cables in the back of my car, and was going to find someone to jump me off, then I remembered that I had let my nephew borrow them and I had not gotten them back...UGH!! We called Cathy's sister-in-law and she was heading down later that night. She rescued us by stopping at Walmart and picked up some jumper cables for me. Later that night, we did finally get the trailer unloaded and arranged the booth a bit, but nothing like we expected to do. Finally about midnight, we decided to head home...what a day.
Thought I would just share this little story with you and see what stories you may have to share. I am sure many of you have had days like that. Needless to say, we will have a full booth this month with lots of goodies and decor. Please stop by and say hello if you can! Hope to see you soon!
Happy Junkin'

Monday, September 20, 2010

Maybe it is late and I should just call it a night, or maybe it is the fact that I am a blonde, but my pics did not post with my last post! Don't know what the heck happened to them, but here they are again..........hope this puts ya in a "spooky fallish" mood!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!! I sure did, as my sweet lil grandson Kyan was here for the weekend! In fact, I posted his sweet pic with his Texas size cowboy hat on last week! Gosh he is alot of fun!

Before he came up I spent some time getting my Halloween decor out so we could all enjoy it.......I LOVE getting ready for fall and Halloween! In fact, Deidra and I will be heading to Canton Friday to get a head start on decorating our booth for the fall and "Trick or Treat" season.....Can't wait!!

Enjoy, and have a BOO-tiful week...LOL! Cathy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Morning Blogger friends and Happy Wednesday to ya!!! Before I get on with my day, thought I would post a pic of my sweet lil grandson Kyan who turned 2 in June.........Besides a love for junkin, he holds an even bigger spot in my heart!! He will be here this weekend so I will not be hittin the "junkin" trail, but will be wearing my "GIGI" hat and spending time with him!!! Can't wait until he gets a lil older so I can teach him the "art".........of junkin that is!!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello everyone.....I just had to make a quick post. First of all hope everyone is having a great week so far..."yes, I know it's only Monday", but so far so good right? Anyway, one of our favorite customers has a son who is 6 years old. His name is Connor Dunn. Anyway, he brought home some paperwork from school and his mom sent me the paperwork. You can tell that his mom visits us often...click on the picture to make it legible. Thanks Connor!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wellllll, it is a Friday night and while I "listen" to the Ranger vs Yankee's game, thought I would post a lil post!!! Hope to maybe hit a few sales in the morning, and then start decorating for the fall season.......even though it is still a "HOT" one here in Texas!!! I just love decorating for the fall and Halloween season!!

Which brings me to say..........we can't wait to get our booth all ready for fall and Halloween..........plans are already in the works!!!! One little hint of what is in store is...........remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds"???? O.K. that is all I am going to say for now!!! That movie DID really scare me though as a little girl!!!! Guess I will go and watch the game now.....Go Rangers........and HAPPY JUNKIN!!! Cathy

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello friends......Deidra pretty much said it all .......We had a fun, great Canton weekend!!! Here is a Big Shout Out to all of you who paid us a visit and shopped with us!!!

Our friend Jackie from the Porch took several pics of our booth so thought I would share a few! When in Canton, be sure and pay her a visit as she has a very cute booth!

Enjoy, and HAPPY JUNKIN'..........Cathy

Good afternoon fellow bloggers! Well, the rain has stopped for just a moment and as usual, I always have problems with "my wonderful" computer...so let's see if I can get through this blog without any problems...
Had a great weekend show at Canton. Seemed like shoppers were in the shopping mood and already looking for Christmas gifts. We got the pleasure of meeting one of Brenda's friends who makes vest just like hers. Alexa lives in California. It was such a pleasure having her and Brenda down for a couple of days to help us out with their beautiful "vintage look" clothing/vests. We even had TWO BRIDES come in and buy their wedding attire! It was so much fun to see what the girls put together for these ladies. I have a picture of one of the brides. Her name is Sharlene Cloud Bevill. Her and her mom Gayle Cloud had a great time shopping and trying on the vintage clothing. She is going to have a vintage wedding in October. Won't that be beautiful?
We had a great visit with Amber, our hairdresser. Everyone there said she had me looking like Beetlejuice, so we just took a picture. We have so much fun when we are getting our hair done with her. We hung out Friday and Saturday. She took us to an awesome place to eat in Terrell called Dos Aces for Jeri's birthday. Great food, drinks, and company, well except for me having a little meltdown over some crickets.....(we ate on the patio)...yes I have a fear of crickets. We learned alot out there on that patio, we are looking forward to eating there next month. It was also great hanging out with Whitney and Susan from Brassy Blueberries, along with their group of friends. We actually enjoyed our nights instead of just going to the cottage!
Thanks to Billy and Denis for always coming by to see us and check out what we have....
Well it has started to rain again, so I better hurry up and finish...I will try to post pictures now..Hope it works! I am sure Cathy will be on here soon, she has really been busy since we got back. Till' next time......Deidra