Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving day.........

Happy Sunny Saturday.....I hope you all had a great, fun filled Thanksgiving!!! While my sweet lil grandson is watching some cartoons, thought I would do a quick little blog update!!! Deidra and I will be heading out to Canton a day early this month so we can get the booth in the Christmas spirit!! We have soooooo many gift items this month for that special teacher, friend or family member......most under $20.00! Sooooo, hope you are making that list and checking it twice, and planning to visit us in Canton next week!!!! The weather looks great.....................and we just can't wait, so make that list, and don't be late!!!!!

Thought I would share a few pics from our family Thanksgiving dinner.....enjoy!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Count Down to Turkey Day......I am ready, are you???? I so enjoy Thanksgiving!!! We always go to my Aunt Debbies, who is not only like my big sis, but also rates right up there with Martha Stewart in the cooking and decorating dept.!!!! There will be lot's of family, great food, fun and much love!!!!! I am sooooo thankful we have held on to this family tradition!
Sometimes we might not thank so, but we all have soooooo much to be Thankful for! Besides my family, I am sooooooo THANKFUL that God has allowed me to do what I love at this time in my 56 yrs. "young", most people are dreaming of retirement, and I am just getting started!!! LOL......I love being able to have a business with a dear friend "Deidra", and we both are soooooo Thankful for our customers and friends who support us.....without you, we would not be where we are today!!! I will close with wishing all of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, and among the hustle, bustle, I hope you too take a minute to look at all you have to be thankful for in your little world!!! God Bless..................and oh yea, I did get my Halloween decor packed up! LOL
Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have to say that I have been a little stressed this past week. I have only gotten bead drops made for Canton. That is all! So, if you are needing bead drops, please stop by our booth...we will have plenty. LOL! On a more serious note, my oldest sister Diann is in the process of a kidney transplant and one of my other sisters Denise will be the donor(if the rest of the testing goes as good as it has been.) Please keep them both in your prayers, and lets hope for a new kidney by Christmas. Yesterday started out at 6:50 with a phone call from Diann needing something...I got out of bed, got my son ready for school, we go to the garage, get in the truck and start pulling out, and the garage door falls on the hood of my truck....(just made the second payment this week).... after a few "choice" words, we make it out of the garage and off to school. I get to my sisters, call her and tell her that I am there and to answer the door. She says OK. Now I am in shorts and a t-shirt, and flip is 40 something degrees. I wait and no answering at the door. I call two more times and she says ok. Still no answer. Finally I remembered she had given me a key earlier this month, and I used that. She is sitting in her bedroom just waiting for me. I said "why didn't you open the door" she said "I didn't know you were here." Okay, I knew she had either just went crazy or was really sick. I get her dressed and head to my house to get dressed. Pull up into the drive way and my youngest golden retriever is out running the neighborhood. I get her back in the house, get dressed and head to the hospital. My sisters kidney function is down to 5% working. They say that they get confused and disoriented when this happens, now this explains why she didn't answer the door. Diann went in to surgery for an emergency port for Dialysis last night around 5:00pm. She is having her first dialysis today. Let's hope that this will work until she gets her new kidney. Please, keep her in your thoughts. Thanks for listening, and I hope everyone has a really "thankful" Thanksgiving. I love you Diann!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wellll, I am still under the weather, and I am really gettin tired of being "sick an tired"! I do believe that is words from a good country song some where along the way!! LOL....I am on the mends I think......went to the Dr. yesterday, got a shot, and a Z pack! I must say though, this has forced me to slow down a gear or two!!!

Anyway, thought I would share some pics of a favorite booth in Canton......Margaret and Lilly! Now these are two talented ladies who have been in this "junkin" business a long time! They can find some of the coolest treasures! We don't have time to make it over to their booth every month, but they toooooo love Halloween and we did get some great pics of their creations last month! Sooooooo, the next time you are in Canton, be sure and pay them a visit......after you come and see us! LOL!@ Oh yea, their booth in located in the new City Bld. right behind Row 46

Happy Junkin.....Cathy aka GGJ

Monday, November 15, 2010

Well, I think I MIGHT be bouncing back from this head cold.....thinks to mucho Mucinex!!!! I have soooooo much to do before Thanksgiving and our next Canton show! But, I just decided not to "STRESS" about it......even though my Halloween decor. is still out!!!

I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, YES......I KNOW I CAN.......get it all done!!! I do believe though that putting away the Halloween decor should be first on my list! If I don't get that done, I am just going to have to mix the Christmas decorations and start a new trend in holiday decor........" Trick or Treat"...."Trim the Tree".....Santa please come visit me!!!@ LOL

Today I did go through some of my "vintage" christmas pics from when I was a little girl and thought I would share as we have not decorated our booth for Christmas yet!!

Hope you have had a Marvelous Monday!

Cathy aka GGJ

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend! Today, I have had "major head conjestion", so decided to just stay in my p.j.'s and rest!!! Sooooo, if you know of a miracle cure for an old fashioned head cold, please let me know!!!! I REALLY don't have time for this if ya know what I mean!!! Most of you know from our previous post, that we were in an arts and craft show yesterday......WELLLLLLLLL, I just have to say, some things we decide to do are good choices, and some are NOT so good, and some.........ARE REALLY NOT GOOD!!! Just curious if any of you have ever found your junkin self in that position??? All I have to say is that yesterday was a REALLLLLL LONGGGGG DAYYYYYY!!! You know, Deidra and I LOVE what we do!!! We are starting our 4th year in our GGJ Business, and have been blessed in sooooo many ways in such a short period of time......but once in a while we laugh and say to each other, "What were we thinkin"? I believe that is a title in a song...LOL!
We always love hearing from you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thought I might just say a couple of things to add to Cathy's post....
Well, we will have some jewelry, but the "new" stuff will not be here in time....I will be sure and have it at the next Canton show...sorry. There will still be lots and lots of goodies for everyone to enjoy! Hope to see you there!
On another note...can I just vent for a minute? Is Dancing with the Stars not enough? Now they are going to have Skating with the Stars? Please, I cannot take anymore! Not only are these people already rich, AND have a career....they get paid for doing these shows too? AND, they all get skinner in the process!....... Just saying.......
While we work our tales off physically, and mentally at our "junkin jobs", it seems I can never get ahead (or lose weight).?*?*?.
Maybe we "junkers" should come up with some sort of Junking with the Stars show and we can trade out being the host and all get rich. How does that sound? Okay enough said...just had to get that off of my chest.....:)
Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guess it is time for a blog update since Halloween is over and all the stores are full of Christmas decor now!! I must admit though, I have not put my Halloween decor up yet and just hope I have time to pack it up before Thanksgiving!!! Since our Canton weekend, I had a birthday, went to Austin to see our sweet grandson and the family, and Deidra and I are also getting ready to be in a show this Saturday in Keller Tx. at the "Pointe"!!! NOW you know why my Halloween decor is still up! LOL
For those of you that live in the Metroplex or Keller area, Ihope you will come out and see us this Saturday from 9-6 at the Pointe in Keller......we will have lot's of great gift items for Christmas, along with some new jewelry!!! Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!
Cathy and Deidra ........Girls Gone Junkin

Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Morning everyone! I have been up early this morning since about 6, and usually the day after Canton, I am still in a "Canton Coma". Not sure why I have so much energy this morning, but I am going to take advantage of it. I am recovering quickly from gallbladder surgery, but I did get a little tired working this past week. Thanks to all of you who checked up on me.
We had so much fun this weekend at Canton and enjoyed everyone's company. You shoppers were so much fun! We all enjoyed dressing up for two days, but by the third...we just couldn't do it again. Our faces were a little "dry" from the makeup and our wigs were getting very "itchy".... But, we are already looking forward to the next Halloween! Now we are going to have to kick in into high gear and get ready for Christmas. There will only be 1 more Canton before Christmas...can you believe that? So get ready to come shop with us for some great stocking stuffers and do your holiday shopping!.....Till' next time!
Deidra and Cathy
Girls Gone Junkin'