Sunday, August 29, 2010

Deidra and I are in the "PRE CANTON CRUNCH MODE" and while I seem to be burning the midnight oil, thought I would take a break and make a new blog post!!! Hope all of you had a fun, filled weekend, and if you had the chance to go "junkin", hope you discovered some great treasures!!!

Here are some of our new purses that we will be bringing to Canton! FYI......we do take orders on these and no two are ever just alike! While I design the purses, my mom does all of the sewing! They are made using vintage and newer fabrics and embellished with old lace, trims and a lil bling! They are all lined and have a pocket that will hold your phone, and they come with our original Girls Gone Junkin label! Now for the best part, they range from $ 45.oo to the most expensive being $ 200.00! O.K. girls start working on that Christmas list!!!!!

HAPPY JUNKIN..................cathy

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!! I have been designing purses, pillows and lamp shades, and my overloaded brain needs a BREAK!! LOL! Soooooo what more to do then hope on facebook and our blog!!! The most exciting news with me for today is ..............I am LOVING this weather!!!! We have had some much needed rain, and it has made for such a cooler nice to be out of the triple digits!!!! It really makes me feel that Fall might actually be around the corner!!! Acording to the merchandise in Hobby Lobby, fall came and went, and Christmas is around the corner!!! Did I miss something in my crazy, busy junkin world?????

I have not taken any new pics of goodies for Canton yet, soooooooooo thought I would post a really vintage picture!! Yesterday, was my wedding anniversary, and we celebrated 37 years!!! And NO, I did not get married in Jr. High...He he he!!! I did marry my high school sweetie though!!! Looking back, that is a LONGGGGGGG time!! Like everyone else, we have had some "bumps" in the road, but over all, it has been a fun ride!!!!

Guess that can be your "nostalgic" news for the day............Happy Junkin!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday to all of our "junkin" peeps!!! Well, school started today, and I am sure all of you momma's out there that have lil ones are filling alot of "mixed" emotions today!!!! I say enjoy your "me" time and do things that you enjoy, and then when the lil ones get home put your "MOMMY" hat on and give them lot's of hugs and love and do for them!!!

One great thing about school starting, is that we KNOW that fall is just around the corner and then comes the of my favorite times of year! With that also comes "SHOPPING"!!! Sooooooooooooo, gather up your shopping, junkin, peeps and plan a trip to Canton! I promise you will find not only great shopping, but also great food and just plain ole FUN!!!! We will also be in the Hico Homestead Show again this fall which is another great and fun get away!!! The dates are Fri. Oct. 15th and Sat. Oct. 16th, and talk about GREAT VENDORS, you won't be disappointed!!! And if you have never been to the Homestead Store, all I can say is WOW and over the top awesome!!!

Deidra and I Love the shabby, vintage look and that is what we have always centered our "Look" around! However, we also love the "gypsy" fun, funky stuff and try to work that in with some of our guitars! Soooooo here is just a lil peek at what I am talkin about! Enjoy! And.........just in case you are wonderin, we also take orders and it does make for a fun, funky and unique Christmas present!!!!! HAPPY DAY and always HAPPY JUNKIN!!!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Hope you are all having a "FUN FRIDAY"!! I was up early and out the door in hopes of finding a few "undiscovered treasures", and I did!!! Stopped at an Estate Sale first, and then continued down the junkin path to one of my favorite 2nd hand stores! By this time though it was starting to warm up, so I headed to Mickey D's for one of those cold mocha frappee drinks, picked up some dry cleaning and headed home!!! And by the way, if you have not tried one of those drinks, they are darn good!!
Now I am trying to decide what to do next on my list! Do I price and pack all the goodies that are spread out all over my dining room table? Get started working on something creative for Canton? Make my bed, or just crawl back in it and take a lil "kitty cat" nap????? I know which one I would like to do, but I will just have to make ya'll wonder!!! Meow.............anyway, hope you enjoy your weekend, and find lot's of treasures if you hit the junkin trail!!!!!
Happy Trails to ya, and Happy Junkin!!! Cathy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welllll, guess the Lord gave me a dose of " motivation medication" as I have been on a roll since my LAZY SUMMER SUNDAY!!! Maybe that 2 degree drop in temp. yesterday did it!! LOL Anyway, I have been pricing treasures, making my list of furniture that has to be painted and working on some jewelry!!!!! Still have lot's more to do though before taking a load to Canton!!!!
Deidra still has been working on some new jewelry designs in between getting her son ready to go back to school next week........just that is a job in it-self!!! { Is that a word? }.......oh well, it is in my lil ole Texas junkin world!!!! LOL ! Today, I will be designing some new fall purses, and just getting ready for Canton weekend...!

P.S.........Did ya know that Girls Gone Junkin has a facebook page??? Welllllll, we do, and would love to have ya as one of our friends!!! Just go to our facebook page, click on the like button and there ya go!!!!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy "Lazy" Sunday afternoon!!! I have soooooo much that I need to get started on, but find myself just wanting to take a nap!!! Could it be the HEAT, middle age, or the fact that I just need a day and DO NOTHING!!! O.K. Let's just "skip" the middle age thing cause you are only as old as you feel right? Maybe today though is NOT a good day for making this statement!!!
I did though find some treasures out on the junkin trail Friday and Saturday, and then we went to Waco to have dinner with our son, Amanda and my sweet grandson Kyan last night! Maybe that is part of the problem..........1 Mexican martini, good food, and getting home late! Sure was a fun time though!
Oops, looked at the clock and see it is after 2....ya know what that means......Sonic Happy Hour!!!! Soooooo, guess I will get off of my "bloggin" roll, go get my fix for the day and see if that PERKS ME UP!!!!! If not, I will be doin some Day Dreamin on this Sunday afternoon!!!! Enjoy....Cathy aka GGJ

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Before I call it a night, thought I would do a lil bloggin as we say here in Texas!!! It was for sure another HOT one today....the last I heard it was 104 and 105 is predicted for tomorrow!!! YIKES, when is it ever going to end???? I am going to start praying for a "cold front" before we venture back to Canton.....anything but triple digits would be wonderful!!!
On another note, MARK YOUR CALENDARS OCT. 15TH AND 16TH as that is when we will be back in Hico Tx. for the Homestead show!!! Word is, that it will be even bigger and better then the spring show!!! Soooooo call your favorite "junkin" peeps, start saving your $$$$ and plan to come out for a fun, filled day of shopping with us in Hico! Here are some more of our junkin friends that well also be there with all of their treasures.....
Ruby Grace's........The Shabby Y..........Willow Nest..........and Garden Antiques Vintage................ are just a few of many more vendors!!! So, now guess I will call it a night and head off to dream land with visions of all the undiscovered treasures that are out there waiting to be found!!!!
Sweet Dreams and Happy Junkin! Cathy aka GGJ

Monday, August 9, 2010

 are the pics that go with the last post!!!! I do this everytime! LOL
HAPPY MONDAY blogger and junkin friends! Welllllll, it was another HOT weekend here in the Lone Star State!!! My junkin hubby and I did get out early Saturday to hit a few sales and managed to find a few treasures!! We were back home by noon though and then had a lazy summer day in the pool!!!!
This week, it is time to start working on goodies and thinking about what I want to have ready for the next Canton weekend as the month does tend to "fly bye"!!!
last month, we had a fun and sweet group of ladies shop with us from the "Gilded Life" tour. They came to Dallas from all over the United States, and a day of shopping in Canton was on their agenda......they for sure did not let the Texas heat keep them from having a good ole time!!! I will post some pics of them and some of our other favorite friends.......Enjoy! And, if you get the chance, check out our new home page on our web site and let me know what ya dear sweet hubby helped me, or I should say did most of it!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back from our Canton weekend and I would say the word for each day would be HOT, HOT and HOTTER! But despite the heat, we had alot of shoppers!!! One group being the girls on the Gilded Life bus tour! We met sooo many sweet ladies in this group, and they do like to shop!!! We enjoyed each and every one of them and do hope they pay us a visit again!!! They for sure did not let our Texas Heat keep them from having a fun time!!

Deidra and I have a full month off, and will be getting ready to kick off our busy season starting Labor Day Weekend!!! So gather up your junkin peeps, and plan a weekend in Canton........It is such a fun, filled trip for some good ol shopping and Row 46 is a GREAT PLACE to visit!!!!

We would like to THANK all of you who endured the heat to come out and pay us a visit!!! We do LOVE and APPRECIATE our customers!!!!!! Happy Junkin! Cathy n Deidra " GGJ"