Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hello to everyone! I hope that you all are having a great Holiday weekend! As usual Cathy and I were complaining to each other today about how messy our rooms that we work in are. You know, the place where we make our treasures and goodies for Canton, and throw all of our stuff in that we find at estate sales, garage sales, and even the trash! The room where you don't dare throw anything away, because you might be able to use it! We call it our JUNK HOARDER ROOM. Well, once again we came up with an idea to have a contest for this too! Actually Cathy and I may have already beat everyone at this. Do not clean your room up or even straighten it a little bit...Send your pictures to us at and lets get this contest started! Your prize will be a secret, and I promise not to just pull something out of our rooms to give you, but it will be something that we have created!

P.S. I just had to also send a picture of Cathy's E6000. She has complained from day one about using this stuff. I for some reason, keep mine clean and it does not even get on my hands, on the other hand take a look at Cathy's....does anyone else have this problem? Can we say glue explosion! LOL!

Can't wait to see the rooms! Deidra and Cathy

Friday, May 27, 2011


HAPPY FRIDAY BLOGGER PEEPS! Wellll it is the weekend before Canton and ya'll know what Deidra and I are doing...........painting furniture, making jewelry, blinging everything in sight..LOL, and pricing an packing!!! WOW...thats a mouth full! LOL! In between all of this work though, I DO plan on taking that first dip in the pool to kick off our summer!!!! As ya'll enjoy your weekend of family BBQ's, swim parties, and just plain ole summer, kick off fun, I ask that you take a minute and check out this have her linked with our Girls Gone Junkin FB also! Not only is she an awesome photographer and fb friend of ours, she also lives in the Joplin Mo. area and has many friends that lost EVERYTHING in the tornado that tore through there a few days ago! I am sure all of you were touched by all the news coverage and pictures of the devastation caused by the tornado that blew through Joplin Mo. and it is soooooo easy to forget about others after a few days as we continue along with our every day routine in life! Deidra and I have been so blessed in our business Girls Gone Junkin and have decided to take this opportunity to GIVE BACK! We will have a "Donation" jar at our check out counter next week, and all proceeds will go to the victims of the tornado in Joplin! Soooo, if any of ya'll are coming out to shop, or have another "junkin" business won't you join us in GIVING BACK to those in need??? Ya know, we are just little "specks" in a BIG old universe, but have sooooooo many opportunities via blog, web sites etc. to make a difference where it is needed!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gilded Life ladies.......

HAPPY SUNNY WEDNESDAY! As Canton Weekend is getting closer, Deidra and I are Busy, busy and more busy!! Not only do we look forward to seeing all of our regular customers, we are also honored to be hosting a luncheon for The Gilded Life ladies who will be coming to Canton for a one day shopping extravaganza!!! Now, Shea Fragoso and mom Debbie are the 2 wonderful, creative and artistic "queens" of this group and they will be hosting a weekend Creative Connection class where women fly in to Dallas from all over! Besides a trip to Canton for a day of fun and shopping, they will be working on a very creative project that Shea and Debbie have planned for them..........right dab, smack in the church were they reside! YEP, thats right, they live in this awesome, BEAUTIFUL church in the middle of cool is that!
Now, we will still be open for business Thur. thru Sunday as usual so hope you are coming out to see us.........what a great way to "kick off the summer"......junkin in Canton! Gotta go get busy, and when you get a chance, be sure and look up the Gilded Life and read about these two creative ladies whom we feel honored to have as Friends!
Hugs......Cathy aka GGJ

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In the news.........

We are back from Hico, and had such a fun time seeing some of our "junkin" peeps! Denis from Ruby Grace's was set up right behind us, and next to him was Jennifer and Ronny from The Lone Star Antique Mall, where our Girls Gone Junkin business first started out! They have an awesome mall, and Jennifer has a "rockin" boutique at the back of the mall also! Maggie and Lilly from The Veranda in Canton were 2 of so many great vendors, and we were blessed with some great Texas Spring weather both days of the show! I also want to give a Big Shout Out to Mike and Brenda from The Homestead for hosting such a great show, and also "giving back" by charging $1.00 admission which went to the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.......a great cause indeed! THANK-YOU ALL who came out and shopped with us! Another exciting thing that happened in our little junkin world this week, is that we are in the June issue of Southern Living Magazine!!! Yep, we are listed as one of the top 5 places to shop in an article about Canton Trade Days. I am STILL SMILING after first reading the article on the magazine isle in the middle of Wallmart........LOL! I am sure if anyone saw me, they must of thought WOW, that lady sure likes that magazine! We will be heading to Canton in just a couple of weeks, and boy do I still have alot to do to get ready.....but first, I am heading to Austin next week with the hubby and while he is attending a work related conference, I will be loving on my sweet little grandson and getting some R an R by the pool! Life is GRAND, and we are sooooooo blessed to have such wonderful friends and customers who support our LOVE OF JUNK!



Saturday, May 7, 2011

our "junkin" news

O.K......I know that our blog has NOT been updated since before Easter and I really feel bad about that, BUT, we have just been "Busy lil Bees"! We had a great Canton weekend and really enjoyed seeing all of you that came out and shopped with us!! And if you didn't get to come to Canton, we are heading to Hico next week for the Homestead show on Fri. and Sat. We love this show and getting to meet up with all the other vendors there.....and if you have never been to the Homestead Store, it is a TREAT in itself! Sooooo call your junkin peeps and get your road trip planned!!! Something else we were honored to do is meet and hang out with the "Junkin Queen" herself, Ki of The Flea Market Magazine!! We were invited to Winni and Talula's last Fri. night and Ki was there signing her latest book!!! Now that was really a BIG DEAL to us getting to meet and visit with her........she is soooooo sweet and humble! And I must say if you have never been to Winni an Talula's in Athens, oh my, what are ya waitin for? Such a beautiful store with soooooo much "eye candy", WE LOVED IT! One plus about being in this business, is getting to meet soooooo many wonderful people who all have the same love for "junkin"!! Also, if you are not a fan of ours on our Girls Gone Junkin Facebook, we would love for you to "hop on board"! We are having a contest, and when we get 1000 fans we will be having nother GGJ Giveaway...." So won't ya be, won't ya be, won't ya be my neighbor? Oops, I mean facebook fan! LOL!!! I want to end this blog with wishin all of you mommas, grandmommas, step-mommas, and just ANY MOMMA a very HAPPY AND BLESSED MOTHERS DAY!!!