Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrate good times......come on!!

I am sooooo excited as we have had BEAUTIFUL "junkin" weather here in Texas this past week! And, I am really excited about our forcast for Canton Weekend because due to the ice and snow, Deidra and I did not make it last month! I am heading to Royse City in the morning to have a "trunk" show with Mindy of the "P", and the Redneck Chic!!! So if any of ya'll are in the area, be sure and drop by......there will be lots of great "junk" in the trunk, music playing, and some refreshments too!!! How about a big ole Texas Yee Haw.....for a great weekend!!!

Then, Deidra and I will be packing, and loading our trunks again for Canton! She has been working all month on some new pendants, and they are just waaaaayyyy cute! And for all of you baseball moms and fans, she for sure has her game face on!!! No Strike Outs with these as they are just "outta the park" CUTE!!!

All I can say is ...........our Canton House will be full of sooooooo many sweet treasures that we hope you just can't live without!!! wink! So girls, call your junkin peeps and plan your "girl" trip and come out and help us celebrate our 1yr. anniversary on Row 46 as it is going to be a party! We will have drawings again for gift certificates, music playin, and some refreshments! I might even whip us some of my "famous" cake balls!

Have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see ya next week!!

Cathy an Deidra aka GGJ

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mark your calendar, and call your friends!!!

After a fun, filled weekend, it is time to really "Step It Up" and get to work as we have alot coming up in our lil "junkin" world!!! This Saturday, we are hooking up with Mindy of the "P" nd the Redneck Chic for a "Tailgates and Trunks" show!!! We will have lot's of great treasures, and are excited to be apart of this show! Then comes Canton Weekend.......March 3rd thru the 6th! It is hard to believe that we have been in our location on Row 46 a whole year.........Time flies when you are having so much fun, and we sure do! Sooooo, to extend our gratitude and thanks to all of you who shop with us, we will be having door prizes and drawings at our upcoming Canton weekend!!!

We have alot of new merchandise coming in March, more furniture, new jewelry designs, new vintage clothing designs, and lot's of small decorating items for the "vintage, shabby" look!!! Sooooooo, Mark your calendar, call your friends and plan your "Girl Trip" as we are kicking off the Spring shopping season with a "BIG GGJ BANG"!!!

Cathy & Deidra

Friday, February 18, 2011

Music fills our hearts with joy.......

Happy Friday everyone!! Windows open, sun is shining, birds are chirping and the sounds of spring are what I am listening to this morning here in Texas!!! Last night though was the music of Steel Magnolia performing at The Glass Cactus here in Grapevine Tx! They are awesome, and I have loved them ever since they won on the Nashville Show, Can you Duet? And boy can they!!! I think most important though is they are so humble, sweet and just darn cute in person!!!
On to other fun stuff, I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Deidra as she has really worked hard on our blog, and I think she did a great job..........that is not to say after some "trying times" while working on it!!!! We also have a new look on our web site, so when you are surfing around check it out!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.....Deidra and I along with our hubsters, are going to the Miranda Lambert concert tomorrow night at Billy Bobs in Ft. Worth!! She is another artist that we love and can't wait to go see!!!
Hugs.....Cathy aka GGJ

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

all you need is love!

Thought I would make a post, since it has been awhile! Deidra and I have been "revamping" our web site, and also working on the blog.........we still can't get our blog where we want it! We are going through Shabby Blogs, but are for some reason having trouble with our header and our side bars!!! Sometimes we feel like Lucy and if any of you can give us any pointers, we would sure be grateful!!!

I hope you all had a sweet, full of roses and chocolate Valentines Day!!!

Cathy aka GGJ

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog construction

Deidra and I are trying to update our blog via Shabby Blogs! Sooooo right now, we are under construction!

Cathy aka GGJ


Blog is under construction!!!

Stay Tuned for a new look!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art n old windows!

HAPPY SUNNY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY........After a crazy, cold week of winter here in Texas, it was great to have a "sunny" Sunday! Now, I do love football, but only if our Dallas Cowboys are playing!!! But, since the Super Bowl was played here in Cowboy Stadium, I did watch the game.......but if truth be known, I really just watched for the commercials and snacks! I do know one thing though.......after being iced and snowed in most of the week, it seems like snacks have been a big part of my day!! And judging how my jeans felt after being in sweats and pj's all week, THE SNACKS HAVE GOT TO GO!!! Sooooo, tomorrow being Monday and the 1st day of a new week, I will try to get back on the "healthy eating wagon"!!!!!

But, the main reason I wanted to update our blog, was to share some pics of the windows that we sell in our Canton location. These are designed by my artistic sister-in-law, and are quite the hit! Enjoy and Hope you have a "marvelous Monday"!

Cathy aka GGJ

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, and more snow

YES, here in Texas after being "iced" in all week, we woke up to 4in. of snow!!! Normally I would be excited, and think it is sooooo pretty....BUT NOT TODAY!

Deidra and I really thought we could leave and head out to Canton today, but just not going to happen! I think we are o.k. though as Canton received more snow then we did and there are no shoppers wondering around......which is a wise today, my hubby drive my car to work, decided to take a short cut down a rather narrow road, and slid in the ditch!!! A sweet couple in a pick up stopped to see if they could help, then they ended up in the ditch! Another person driving by, turned around to see if he could help, and he slid in to the couple in the truck!!! Thennnnnn, another kind person came along on a 4 wheeler and was able to pull my hubby out of the ditch!

Now, you can see why I am not just real excited about our weather! LOL! But, there is a "Happy Ending" to this sliding one was hurt!

Cathy aka GGJ...another day snowed in, in Texas

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin its STILL cold outside!!!

O.K.!!! All I can say is ......I am sooooo tired of being iced in, and I have a real bad case of cabin fever!!! Why is it that when we can't get out, we don't want to do any of the things that we should be taking the time to get done??? All I want to do is EAT and NAP, and that is not how I usually am!!

Deidra and I hope to leave for Canton tomorrow, as we are stil iced in! If we can just make it out of our sub divisions, I think we will be o.k.! Even though, we are suppose to get some snow tonight!! My heart goes out to all of you who live in the part of the country that have been getting sooooooo much snow.......I think I would be a tad bit on the crazy side! And sometimes, I probably seem a little "crazy" in my normal state!! LOL

All I have to say is........Come On Spring!!! Stay warm and cozy! Cathy aka GGJ

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weather..oops, I mean shopping alert!

Just to update my last post, Deidra and I will not be going to Canton until Thursday! After watching the local news and weather, and seeing all the trucks and cars sliding off the road, we thought it would be a safer situation for us to go Thur. we will be open Fri. Sat. and Sunday, but if you happen to brave the cold and are there on Thur. just knock on the door and we will let you in!

Reminds me of that song....." knock 3 times on the ceiling " by Tony Orlando and Dawn! I know that REALLY makes me sound VINTAGE! LOL

Stay warm and cozy!

Cathy aka GGJ

Burrrrr...Baby it's COLD outside!

" Ice..Ice..Baby..." That is our theme song here today in the Ft. Worth metroplex!!! Trailer is loaded with goodies for Canton this weekend, parked in the driveway......anyone have a dog sled team out there we could borrow?? LOL! We will be heading out tomorrow afternoon sometime and as the saying goes...."The Show Must Go On"! For those of you that are coming out, Fri. and Sat. are suppose to be sunny and warmer, in fact 55 is the high for Saturday! That will feel like a "hot" summer day compared to what it is right now!

We will be layered up, have our heaters going, and lot's of great goodies for sale.....especially for Valentines Day! Sooooooo, pull out your thermals, ski wear or whatever keeps ya warm, and come on out and see us.........we will be open Thur. Fri. Sat. and Sun. as usual!!!

Stay Warm and Happy junkin!

Cathy aka GGJ