Monday, April 18, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On It's Way......

Being the week before Easter and Canton I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed!!! My favorite saying for this week is going to be....."Don't sweat the small stuff ", but sometimes in this business that is HARD TO DO!!! LOL I am just wondering, does anyone else feel that way? Just curious! Today, I am painting furniture, designing "junk" bags and purses for my mom to sew, updating our facebook and blog, and then just the everyday other fun stuff.....washing, sweeping, watering my plants, making the bed etc. etc! The rest of the week, I will be working on some jewelry, pricing and packing all my "junk"...oops Treasures, filling Easter eggs, and making cake balls to take to our family gathering at my Aunt Debbies and Uncle Jims on Saturday! BUT.....during all of this "craziness", I will reflect on what a blessed year I have had and all I have to be thankful for.....all because of the real meaning of Easter!!! But after all of this, I have a feeling that my "cotton tale" is going to be a tad bit on the "tired side"! LOL We hope to see you in Canton or Hico for some fun shopping and Junkin.....Canton Weekend is April 28th thru May 1st and the Homestead Hico Show is May 13th and 14th.....we will have some great gift items for that special mom for Mothers Day which is May 8th!!!

Have a Blessed Easter!!!

Cathy aka GGJ

Friday, April 15, 2011

For the Love of Junk!

I want to think all of you who visited our blog and left such "sweet" comments about my front just make me smile! I also wanted to share a few pics of some sweet treasures that I found on the "junkin" trail was a GREAT day in my lil ole "junkin" world!!! Also, after Canton Weekend we will be gearing up ato Hico again for the spring Homestead Show May 13th and 14th! We love doing this show and hope ya'll can plan a day trip and come on out for a great, junkin good time!!! There are so many good vendors and the Homestead Store is just wonderful!! Oh yea......the "fried" pickles at the one and only famous Koffee Kup restaurant in Hico are just to die for......ask for extra crunchy though! Another GREAT THING about the show is that this year there will be an admission charge of $1.oo that will go to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. I think we have all been touched by this awful disease in some way or another, I know I have! Soooo what a great feeling to know that you can help someone and do some awesome shopping, all in a day!

Well, guess I need to sign off this computer and get to work.......Canton and Hico are just around the corner!!! HAVE A FUN, BLESSED WEEKEND!


P.S. Hope you are not wearing a dress it is a VERY WINDY DAY here in Texas!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime in Texas

After Canton weekend, Deidra and I usually take about a week to "recoop" and just get some stuff done around our own "spaces"!!! Soooo this week I decided to finish giving my front porch a "spring touch"!!! I found these two old vintage lawn chairs last summer at a garage sale and just HAD to keep them!! They also have a sweet love seat that matches them!!! Since burlap is the rage right now, decided they needed to have a cushion covered in burlap to make them more "compfy"!! Like my spelling? LOL....... To protect them from the weather, I sprayed them with scotch guard!!! Thennnnn, I found this sweet polka dot fabric to cover some more pillows for my willow bench which use to be on the porch until the vintage chairs took over!! I do think I like the willow bench better just in the yard and ground cover!!! One of my favorite flowers is Red Geraniums....another reason that I loved the polka dot fabric as I thought they would compliment each other!!! Thats all for now, hope all of you are enjoying your "Spring time"!!!

Cathy aka GGJ

Monday, April 4, 2011

Canton weekend

WOW!!!! We are back from Canton, and I really don't recall ever seeing the number of people that were there!!! If you paid us a visit, we Thank-You!!! We were blessed with beautiful weather, and lot's of shoppers!!! In fact, this is the second month in a row that I have sold out of furniture!!! YEEEEE HAW!!! Other important news, is that all 5 of my sweet, tea stained bunnies found new homes, and will end up in Easter Baskets I am sure!!! Sure wish I would have had more!!!!

Again, I want to Thank all of you who came out......we soooooo LOVE our customers, and friends who shop with us and support our "love of junk"!!!! Now, it is time to rest, recover and "gear up" for another round of junkin!!!

Love an Blessings.....Cathy aka GGJ