Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wellll, I am still under the weather, and I am really gettin tired of being "sick an tired"! I do believe that is words from a good country song some where along the way!! LOL....I am on the mends I think......went to the Dr. yesterday, got a shot, and a Z pack! I must say though, this has forced me to slow down a gear or two!!!

Anyway, thought I would share some pics of a favorite booth in Canton......Margaret and Lilly! Now these are two talented ladies who have been in this "junkin" business a long time! They can find some of the coolest treasures! We don't have time to make it over to their booth every month, but they toooooo love Halloween and we did get some great pics of their creations last month! Sooooooo, the next time you are in Canton, be sure and pay them a visit......after you come and see us! LOL!@ Oh yea, their booth in located in the new City Bld. right behind Row 46

Happy Junkin.....Cathy aka GGJ


  1. I do hope you're feeling better soon! Love to be able to visit that store-always lookin for new inspiration!

  2. Cathy ~
    I am so sorry you are feeling yucky !!
    With a shot and ZPack you have to feel
    better soon ~
    Margaret and Lilly always find
    wonderful treasures ~
    There shop is awesome ~

  3. Their booth looks amazing! How are you feeling? Marcia

  4. Thanks for posting about us. I was at Canton today trying to get the booth looking good for the next show. I'll be by your building to see what fun things you have done this month... Maggie