Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thought I might just say a couple of things to add to Cathy's post....
Well, we will have some jewelry, but the "new" stuff will not be here in time....I will be sure and have it at the next Canton show...sorry. There will still be lots and lots of goodies for everyone to enjoy! Hope to see you there!
On another note...can I just vent for a minute? Is Dancing with the Stars not enough? Now they are going to have Skating with the Stars? Please, I cannot take anymore! Not only are these people already rich, AND have a career....they get paid for doing these shows too? AND, they all get skinner in the process!....... Just saying.......
While we work our tales off physically, and mentally at our "junkin jobs", it seems I can never get ahead (or lose weight).?*?*?.
Maybe we "junkers" should come up with some sort of Junking with the Stars show and we can trade out being the host and all get rich. How does that sound? Okay enough said...just had to get that off of my chest.....:)
Have a Great Day!


  1. I think that's a great idea"Junkin with the Stars". I'm in!!!! lol
    Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!Sell it all!!
    Carol in GA

  2. Hello Deidra, hey money can not buy the fun we have junkin'. Have a great weekend. sandi

  3. I volunteer to be the first contestant on your new show.
    Does that mean I get to go to Hollywood?