Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend! Today, I have had "major head conjestion", so decided to just stay in my p.j.'s and rest!!! Sooooo, if you know of a miracle cure for an old fashioned head cold, please let me know!!!! I REALLY don't have time for this if ya know what I mean!!! Most of you know from our previous post, that we were in an arts and craft show yesterday......WELLLLLLLLL, I just have to say, some things we decide to do are good choices, and some are NOT so good, and some.........ARE REALLY NOT GOOD!!! Just curious if any of you have ever found your junkin self in that position??? All I have to say is that yesterday was a REALLLLLL LONGGGGG DAYYYYYY!!! You know, Deidra and I LOVE what we do!!! We are starting our 4th year in our GGJ Business, and have been blessed in sooooo many ways in such a short period of time......but once in a while we laugh and say to each other, "What were we thinkin"? I believe that is a title in a song...LOL!
We always love hearing from you!


  1. I think I'm finding my junkin self in that position much too often lately-what is happening-I can't figure it out and neither can anyone else I know! Hopefully it will better next year!

  2. Cathy ~
    You are cracking me up ! I
    think that sometimes when
    I drive to go to an "awesome"
    flea market and there is
    not a thing but clothes and
    the infamous kids toys ~
    So now you have my curiousity
    as to the day yesterday :)


  3. are GORGEOUS! Can I come play in your closet???? :)

    Next...thank you for visiting 'me humble bloggie' yesterday. What a joy to hear from you and read your sweet words.

    Lifted my spirits...brightened my heart!

    Love to you~