Friday, August 20, 2010

Hope you are all having a "FUN FRIDAY"!! I was up early and out the door in hopes of finding a few "undiscovered treasures", and I did!!! Stopped at an Estate Sale first, and then continued down the junkin path to one of my favorite 2nd hand stores! By this time though it was starting to warm up, so I headed to Mickey D's for one of those cold mocha frappee drinks, picked up some dry cleaning and headed home!!! And by the way, if you have not tried one of those drinks, they are darn good!!
Now I am trying to decide what to do next on my list! Do I price and pack all the goodies that are spread out all over my dining room table? Get started working on something creative for Canton? Make my bed, or just crawl back in it and take a lil "kitty cat" nap????? I know which one I would like to do, but I will just have to make ya'll wonder!!! Meow.............anyway, hope you enjoy your weekend, and find lot's of treasures if you hit the junkin trail!!!!!
Happy Trails to ya, and Happy Junkin!!! Cathy


  1. I just knew that a dip in the pool would be a choice! But, since it's not, I'd go for the nap, then the pricing and creating. Congrats on the finds! ~Mindy

  2. I hope you took that cat-nap! You have a nice weekend and God Bless you. sandi

  3. hmmm i say CAT NAP! the other stuff can wait right?! ;) haha! have an awesome weekend!!!!