Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday to all of our "junkin" peeps!!! Well, school started today, and I am sure all of you momma's out there that have lil ones are filling alot of "mixed" emotions today!!!! I say enjoy your "me" time and do things that you enjoy, and then when the lil ones get home put your "MOMMY" hat on and give them lot's of hugs and love and do for them!!!

One great thing about school starting, is that we KNOW that fall is just around the corner and then comes the of my favorite times of year! With that also comes "SHOPPING"!!! Sooooooooooooo, gather up your shopping, junkin, peeps and plan a trip to Canton! I promise you will find not only great shopping, but also great food and just plain ole FUN!!!! We will also be in the Hico Homestead Show again this fall which is another great and fun get away!!! The dates are Fri. Oct. 15th and Sat. Oct. 16th, and talk about GREAT VENDORS, you won't be disappointed!!! And if you have never been to the Homestead Store, all I can say is WOW and over the top awesome!!!

Deidra and I Love the shabby, vintage look and that is what we have always centered our "Look" around! However, we also love the "gypsy" fun, funky stuff and try to work that in with some of our guitars! Soooooo here is just a lil peek at what I am talkin about! Enjoy! And.........just in case you are wonderin, we also take orders and it does make for a fun, funky and unique Christmas present!!!!! HAPPY DAY and always HAPPY JUNKIN!!!



  1. Oh my goodness, love it!! Why oh Why, must I live so far from y'all. Love that it says Gypsy Soul on the neck.

  2. I love that guitar!!! I have 2 kids broke guitars that I could glam up, but I have noidea where to start to do it! I can't wait to shop either! What am I talking about! I shop all the time!!

  3. Hey darlin! LOVE those guitars I am seeing being done in such a fun way!!! I need some for displays in my store....I am sooooo glad to see there are a few of us out here that love all the funky and gypsy Cajun style! Although the other "creams, browns, etc..." are great in my home---just not my kind of store! So, one must definitely have a quirky fun side to them to shop at the Yaya!

    Have a great show in Canton and Hico! xo..deb