Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!! I have been designing purses, pillows and lamp shades, and my overloaded brain needs a BREAK!! LOL! Soooooo what more to do then hope on facebook and our blog!!! The most exciting news with me for today is ..............I am LOVING this weather!!!! We have had some much needed rain, and it has made for such a cooler nice to be out of the triple digits!!!! It really makes me feel that Fall might actually be around the corner!!! Acording to the merchandise in Hobby Lobby, fall came and went, and Christmas is around the corner!!! Did I miss something in my crazy, busy junkin world?????

I have not taken any new pics of goodies for Canton yet, soooooooooo thought I would post a really vintage picture!! Yesterday, was my wedding anniversary, and we celebrated 37 years!!! And NO, I did not get married in Jr. High...He he he!!! I did marry my high school sweetie though!!! Looking back, that is a LONGGGGGGG time!! Like everyone else, we have had some "bumps" in the road, but over all, it has been a fun ride!!!!

Guess that can be your "nostalgic" news for the day............Happy Junkin!!



  1. Send me a lil bit of that cooler weather will ya? haha!

    Happy day late Anniversary and congrats on 37 years! Looks like you had great style then, and ya still got it!!!
    Cant wait to see the new goodies!
    Hope your having a great week! =)

  2. The picture is adorable! You and Steve look so cute. Hope to make it out to Canton when the cooler weather stays around.

  3. This is how I remember you..... thanks for visiting my blog... I look forward to hearing from you.


  4. Cathy ~
    What a cute picture !
    Yep I agree you were a fashion diva then and
    still are ~
    Happy Anniversary !


  5. Congrats on 37 years!!! Love your wedding photo! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  6. Look at you two!!....That picture is adorable!!

  7. Cathy, your wedding photo is adorable!

    Thoses purses are great. How sweet that your mother is doing the sewing. You all are a wonderful team. Have a great Canton. Have you been to LaurieAnna's yet? sandi

  8. That wedding photo looks amazing like my 1st wedding when I was just 18. Love everything!