Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy "Lazy" Sunday afternoon!!! I have soooooo much that I need to get started on, but find myself just wanting to take a nap!!! Could it be the HEAT, middle age, or the fact that I just need a day and DO NOTHING!!! O.K. Let's just "skip" the middle age thing cause you are only as old as you feel right? Maybe today though is NOT a good day for making this statement!!!
I did though find some treasures out on the junkin trail Friday and Saturday, and then we went to Waco to have dinner with our son, Amanda and my sweet grandson Kyan last night! Maybe that is part of the problem..........1 Mexican martini, good food, and getting home late! Sure was a fun time though!
Oops, looked at the clock and see it is after 2....ya know what that means......Sonic Happy Hour!!!! Soooooo, guess I will get off of my "bloggin" roll, go get my fix for the day and see if that PERKS ME UP!!!!! If not, I will be doin some Day Dreamin on this Sunday afternoon!!!! Enjoy....Cathy aka GGJ


  1. Hey girlfriend!
    I UNDERSTAND totally! LOL It is just toooooo dang HOT here in Houston and think I will join you about that scoot over! :) xo...deb

  2. Hey Cathy, it's the weather. Kinda just makes you want to lay under a fan all day. Who needs hot flashes, when you live in Texas every day during the summer is a hot flash!!! Can't wait for October-maybe by then it will be 90 degrees...Love Tiina....

  3. I agree it's this darn heat, and I'm about sick of it, I'm sooooo ready for some cold wheather, and yes at this point I'm ready to skip the cool and go for the cold!!! Hey Cathy I wanted to thank you for stopping by the other day, sorry it's taken me so long to stop by, it's been so hectic around here lately! Hope it will be a little cooler before Canton! Tell Deidra hi for me!!!

  4. Cathy ~
    It is for sure the heat ~
    I definitely felt a ton
    more energetic in the
    coolness of California ~

    You gals always amaze me at
    what you get done during the
    month to get ready for
    Canton :)