Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back from our Canton weekend and I would say the word for each day would be HOT, HOT and HOTTER! But despite the heat, we had alot of shoppers!!! One group being the girls on the Gilded Life bus tour! We met sooo many sweet ladies in this group, and they do like to shop!!! We enjoyed each and every one of them and do hope they pay us a visit again!!! They for sure did not let our Texas Heat keep them from having a fun time!!

Deidra and I have a full month off, and will be getting ready to kick off our busy season starting Labor Day Weekend!!! So gather up your junkin peeps, and plan a weekend in Canton........It is such a fun, filled trip for some good ol shopping and Row 46 is a GREAT PLACE to visit!!!!

We would like to THANK all of you who endured the heat to come out and pay us a visit!!! We do LOVE and APPRECIATE our customers!!!!!! Happy Junkin! Cathy n Deidra " GGJ"

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  1. It was SO great to meet you and get to browse through your shop in Canton. As one of the Gilded Girls, what a treat we had that day, although, next time, could you turn down the heat a bit? hee hee!