Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yep, it is for sure SUMMER TIME in Texas!!! In fact, a trip to Alaska sounds realllllll good right now! I wonder if they have flea markets or garage sales in that part of the country??? Well, I won't be going to Alaska, but instead will be heading South with my hubby in the morning!!! Now....this is a business trip, but I am REALLY HOPING that we can do some good ole junkin along the way!! He he he........ We will be in Austin Friday and Saturday as my sweet grandbaby is turning "2" and his party is on Saturday!!! Then home on Sunday, packing and getting my goodies ready for Canton and hitting the road again on Wed.!! This time, East Bound for Canton weekend!!! Will try to post some pics before we leave!!!!

Think COOL THOUGHTS, and have a great weekend!!

Happy Junkin.......Cathy


  1. Hey darlin'!
    Thanks for droppin' by the Yaya! Don't ya just LOVE these beautiful grand babies!!!! Have a safe trip and LOTS of fun with that sweet baby....and hope you find LOADS of great treasures on the back roads to Austin! xo...deb

  2. Hello Cathy, wish you well on you trip to visit the Grand babies. Wow, two years old (how sweet)...I hope you find some great junk for Canton. Stay cool. sandi

  3. Your grandbaby is a doll !!
    Yes Alaska is sounding really good right now and it is only June ~