Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wellllll, I know it is late, but it is the night before we head out to Canton!!! I just felt like I needed to make a lil post before the Canton weekend!! It has been a busy, busy month......after our last Canton show we headed out to Hico for the Homestead show.......and what a great show it was! If you ever have the chance, you must visit this great little town and check out the Homestead store! It is wonderful!!!

After a few days of rest, I was back out on the "junkin" trail looking for more treasures to bring back to Canton! It has been a fun, junkin month and I have rounded up lots of fun, shabby goodies! Sorry, I have not had time to take pics, but sometimes it keeps the shopping exciting not knowing what you are going to find!! After all, it is the THRILL of THE HUNT when you come out to Canton!!!!

Guess I better get to bed as tomorrow will be here realllllll quick, so pack your ice chest, grab your sun block, dress light and come on out to Canton this weekend for a fun, filled shopping experience!!! And oh yea, don't forget to visit us on Row 46 along with some other great vendors, and we are also realllllll close to the nicest, air conditioned bathrooms!!!!