Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back from our hill country and Austin road trip! Ooooh I forget how beautiful the hill country drive is...I just love it! Hubby did some business and we did have time to check out a few places along the Llano, we stopped at a fun, funky shop called Whimseys! Now, I only had ten minutes to look as the store was about to close.......I did manage to "quickly" run through and found a sweet, old tiara to add to my collection! I do believe my hubby was glad the store was getting ready to close as there were sooooooo many treasures to be discovered! On to Marble Falls, where we spent our first night!
The next morning, we headed to Austin.........along the route I stopped at a GREAT thrift store and spent an hour there.....found some great things and met a sweet lady "Mary" from Dripping Springs who told me about another great place in Austin to check out.......which I did! All I can say, it is a good thing we were not in a truck!! The rest of our trip was spent with our sweet grandson Kyan, mommy and daddy.........I just can't get enough sweet Kyan love!!! We enjoyed our time with him soooooo much, and he had such a fun birthday party! Today back I have 2 days before I am on the road again.......Canton Bound on Wed. and I hear the weather is going to be great!!!!


  1. I am glad your trip was fun and fruitful. Tracy, Teresa and I will be at Canton on Thursday! Can't wait. Hopefully some of those treasures you found will be there.

  2. Hey darlin! Having lived in the hill country (prior to marrying my Texan hubby) I LOVED it! Can't wait to see what you bought!

    Thanks for droppin' by the Yaya and you girls keep on doin' what you do---because it will make you successful! xo...deb

  3. Hello there, what a colorful little shop. I looks like a lot of fun. It is nice you had a little get away with your hubby. Keep cool. sandi

  4. Hello! I just found you on Flickr and then found your fun blog! I'm in Texas, too! Moved here about 7 years ago from California. Happy to have found you. Maybe I will get to shop in your booth/store someday when I get to travel more- so hard with a 3 little ones!