Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer is here!!! Back from our weekend in Canton, and it was for sure HOT!!! The people still came out to shop though, and we do appreciate it!! Thanks to Deidra for bringing the air conditioner that we placed behind the check out counter.....it was for sure a hit and the customers got to catch a lil cool air when they were checking out!!!

Another added item this month was our pink bench........we placed it out front of our booth and it was such a hit!!!! The bench came from a old BBQ place up around Denison and was on Deidra's porch...........several can's of pink paint later, Oooo Lala........it is a great place for customers to take a load off!!

Despite the heat, we had a fun, filled weekend!!! We love and appreciate all of our customers soooooo much!! Will post some pics from our weekend...........and the next time will blog about the book we are in!!! It has been in the works for a couple of years and we are soooooo excited that our story about how we started our "Girls Gone Junkin" business is one of many in the book........details to follow as I HAVE GOT to get off the computer!!! Have a great day......CATHY


  1. What beautiful, inspiration photos! I have booth envy for sure!!

  2. Cathy ~
    Your shop looks amazing as always !! I love the pink bench too and I bet it was so very well used ~
    I always go on Wednesday but need to stay so I can come see your new spot ~

  3. Your blog looks great! I want to put your button on my website so when you get one made....I will grab it.

  4. We visited in your shop this month in Canton. It was our first trip to Canton, all the way from GA! We'll be back, it was great fun. Love your blog!
    Carol in GA