Friday, August 21, 2009

Today was a great Friday!! Deidra and Pam took me to lunch at the Lone Star antique mall tea room for a great lunch and fun conversation! I also got to check out some of my favorite booths there....if you ever have a chance you need to go! Then Pam and I proceeded to hit some of our favorite "junkin" stores looking for undiscovered treasures..and "yes" we did find some! Deidra was not able to join us, but we did think about her with every good find!! Now this was the first big outing that I have had in 8 weeks, so I felt like a bird out of her cage! Boot and all! Then my hubby took me out to dinner at Red Lobster for some yummy fish! Needless to say, my foot is tired and my pants are tight from eating out two meals today....but hey, LIFE IS GREAT! Have a good weekend! Cathy

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  1. I almost went to lunch at the Tea Room today...I wish I had now. See you in two weeks at Canton!