Monday, August 17, 2009

OMG! Have you ever worked on your blog only to push a wrong button when finished and wonder where it went? Wellllllll, that is what just happened to me, so I will try again! Anyway, Happy Monday! Today I have been trying to catch up on some things around my house as I have been soooooo limited in my cleaning the past few weeks due to my surgery! Now my mom has been a big help, but no one cleans like yourself or myself...whatever! I did not know that so much dust can accumulate on all of my favorite treasures in such a short time! I also during my first few post surgery weeks decided that I would redo my master bedroom....guess I spent to much time in there and it started getting to me! I started by getting rid of our fufu, girly bed and getting a iron king size bed. It is amazing how much more room there is in a king...awwwww! It is a good thing my mom sews because now I needed new bedding! She has already whipped it up and I love it! Then I decided that I needed to declutter...I mean how many old frames can you have on one wall?? I am almost finished and will post some pics later. Sooooo as you see despite being in a recovering mode, the ole decorating wheels have still been turning!! Do they ever stop? Anyway, thats all for now.....Happy Junkin! Cathy


  1. Ohhh fun fun !!! We just have to see ! Although I thought you were supposed to take it easy :)

  2. First of all, you can never have too many old frames on a wall! Glad you are doing better and can't wait to see you at Canton. Take care.