Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It was a very slow month at Canton, but we made it through the heat, the wind, lightning, thunder and the hard rains. We did prepare for the water and put sandbags at the front of our booth, but it did seem to make its way through them. We put our rain boots on and swept the water out as best as we could. Everything did survive and nothing was ruined. We heard that some booths were not as lucky, and were really flooded.

I must say that everyone that made it out to Canton this month are "Real Canton Shoppers". We had a great "buy one get one free" sale on some bobbles...hope that you got to take advantage of that.

It was a little different without Cathy being there. This was her first month to miss in almost 2 years. We missed "our fluffer". She is always busy, busy, busy fluffing, sweeping and picking up the booth to make sure it looks great for all of you that come to visit us. She said that she felt sad not being there with us...but she will be there for our September show.

We are already gearing up for September and we have some new designs in the works, plus we hope to have some Halloween for you. Some of you asked for that already.

Gotta Go for now!
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  1. Shows what a dingbat I am. I saw the sandbags and thought you were trying to keep buggy/stollers out! And what must I have been distracted by to have missed the special going on? Huh. I have no idea. Hope to see y'all next month. ~Mindy

  2. Glad you survived the monsoon. Did y'all foofoo up the sandbags?

  3. Okay Debbie(from Trash Talk)..... Am I just stupid or what? I cannot seem to join your blog. What am I doing wrong? I cannot find a place when I connect with you to join. And it is so funny that you mentioned foofooing the sandbags.Believe it or not...we did talk about it, but then decided against it. Pam said that we could put pink crowns on them. Ha!

  4. Hi Cathy, Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me continued luck on my weight loss! Your Mom lost 60 lbs?! It's possible, I just have to plug away at it! Your grandson is so cute!!! I went (briefly) to Canton for August, but we had thought that since Thursday was unusually cool that Friday might be too, but within an hour and a half we realized the heat was too much for my grandbaby Madison, being that she's only 4 months old! So she screamed and we decided to pack it up and go home, but I did make it to your store before we left and bought some adorable little mini silver trays. I HAD to make sure to at least get to your booth! I hope your foot is healing up really fast, I wondered where you were! Suzie

  5. Wow I was there on Wed and did not realize that it rained over the weekend ~ It was really really empty when I was there so I am looking forward to a full Canton next month ~
    See ya soon ~