Friday, May 27, 2011


HAPPY FRIDAY BLOGGER PEEPS! Wellll it is the weekend before Canton and ya'll know what Deidra and I are doing...........painting furniture, making jewelry, blinging everything in sight..LOL, and pricing an packing!!! WOW...thats a mouth full! LOL! In between all of this work though, I DO plan on taking that first dip in the pool to kick off our summer!!!! As ya'll enjoy your weekend of family BBQ's, swim parties, and just plain ole summer, kick off fun, I ask that you take a minute and check out this have her linked with our Girls Gone Junkin FB also! Not only is she an awesome photographer and fb friend of ours, she also lives in the Joplin Mo. area and has many friends that lost EVERYTHING in the tornado that tore through there a few days ago! I am sure all of you were touched by all the news coverage and pictures of the devastation caused by the tornado that blew through Joplin Mo. and it is soooooo easy to forget about others after a few days as we continue along with our every day routine in life! Deidra and I have been so blessed in our business Girls Gone Junkin and have decided to take this opportunity to GIVE BACK! We will have a "Donation" jar at our check out counter next week, and all proceeds will go to the victims of the tornado in Joplin! Soooo, if any of ya'll are coming out to shop, or have another "junkin" business won't you join us in GIVING BACK to those in need??? Ya know, we are just little "specks" in a BIG old universe, but have sooooooo many opportunities via blog, web sites etc. to make a difference where it is needed!!



  1. Happy Memorial Day Cathy, yes I'm coming to see y'all for Canton. Can't wait!!

  2. Have a nice Memorial Day, and I hope you receive many donations for all those in need. I wish I could come to see you at Canton. I would love to see all of your new treasures. Hugs, sandi