Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gilded Life ladies.......

HAPPY SUNNY WEDNESDAY! As Canton Weekend is getting closer, Deidra and I are Busy, busy and more busy!! Not only do we look forward to seeing all of our regular customers, we are also honored to be hosting a luncheon for The Gilded Life ladies who will be coming to Canton for a one day shopping extravaganza!!! Now, Shea Fragoso and mom Debbie are the 2 wonderful, creative and artistic "queens" of this group and they will be hosting a weekend Creative Connection class where women fly in to Dallas from all over! Besides a trip to Canton for a day of fun and shopping, they will be working on a very creative project that Shea and Debbie have planned for them..........right dab, smack in the church were they reside! YEP, thats right, they live in this awesome, BEAUTIFUL church in the middle of cool is that!
Now, we will still be open for business Thur. thru Sunday as usual so hope you are coming out to see us.........what a great way to "kick off the summer"......junkin in Canton! Gotta go get busy, and when you get a chance, be sure and look up the Gilded Life and read about these two creative ladies whom we feel honored to have as Friends!
Hugs......Cathy aka GGJ


  1. That is going to be just the coolest ever!!!
    I want to be a Gilded Life lady someday :)

    Have so much fun!


  2. Cathy, it all sounds like so much fun. The ladies are going to love Canton. Hugs, sandi