Monday, April 4, 2011

Canton weekend

WOW!!!! We are back from Canton, and I really don't recall ever seeing the number of people that were there!!! If you paid us a visit, we Thank-You!!! We were blessed with beautiful weather, and lot's of shoppers!!! In fact, this is the second month in a row that I have sold out of furniture!!! YEEEEE HAW!!! Other important news, is that all 5 of my sweet, tea stained bunnies found new homes, and will end up in Easter Baskets I am sure!!! Sure wish I would have had more!!!!

Again, I want to Thank all of you who came out......we soooooo LOVE our customers, and friends who shop with us and support our "love of junk"!!!! Now, it is time to rest, recover and "gear up" for another round of junkin!!!

Love an Blessings.....Cathy aka GGJ


  1. Cathy ~
    Yayyyy I am glad that it was such a good weekend!! It was beautiful weather for sure ~
    I missed your tea stained bunny post ~ Oh my gosh they are wayyyy cute!!
    It kind of makes me want to try one :)
    Did they take forever to dry ?


  2. It was nice to meet you. Everything looked great as usual. Lot's of cute necklaces. Love the crochet vest! judy

  3. Canton was great! and your place looks awesome! Lezlee

  4. Wow, it all looks so beautiful. I could do some serious shopping. So glad the weekend was good to you.

  5. I was so wanting my Canton fix even in the midst of all the great stuff there was at the show, there's just nothing like being at Canton. Glad it was a great show for you girls!

  6. OOOHHH! So.... how do you say it down there??
    G-A-W-GOUS! And those Hippity- hoppers! So cute!! Loved the post! Maybe this month???? I can see it live??? Good ol MN is thawing out but not fast enough! Hope you are both well and selling like queens! ~~Brenda

  7. Hey Ladies! Wow the pics of your store look awesome!! I stopped in for half a second on my way to get lunch but yall looked just as busy as we had been so I didn't interrupt.......and also because my bunch was starving!! Canton was crazy packed this month huh!!

    Oh and btw, I combined my two blogs into one. The new addy is Yall stop by and say Hi!!


  8. Hey Sweet Cathy...I'm sooooo happy to know another 19 year old bride is STILL HAPPY! God is good!

    Blessings on you today my talented, talented friend. Thank you for stopping by~


  9. Hi sweet lady!
    Wow...your place looks great!!! One of these days I will have to venture up your way...and of course, you are always invited to drop by the studio when you venture down here to the Bayou City!

    So happy to hear you ladies are doing so well! And thank you for droppin' by and the loving comment! xo...deb

  10. Hello Cathy, glad to hear that your show was another great one...Everything sure looks great! Hugs, sandi