Thursday, March 24, 2011

" Whats Up Doc."????

Today, I thought I would tea dye these sweet bunnies that I had saved to take to Canton being that Easter is on the way!! Now I have tea dyed MANY things........some being lace, fabrics, curtains, bedding, clothing and I could go on and on!!! I just love the way the tea gives that older, vintage look to almost anything! Now, I must admit that I have never dyed any type of stuffed animal, and when I got started with these sweet bunnies, it kinda bothered was like they were "Road Kill" being thrown in the stew pot or something!!! Now does this sound crazy???? Or maybe it could be all the fumes from the "E 6000" I have been using all week getting ready for Canton! I guess it is their little faces that did the trick! LOL I even stopped the process to grab the camera and take pics of the experience!!! now, you are either laughing your "cotton tail " off or thinking instead of "girl gone junkin", it's "girl gone wacky wabbit crazy"!!! Guess I will just let ya'll decide!

XO XO XO Cathy aka GGJ


  1. Poor li'l things! Especially the one being hung by the neck! I'm sure they'll look great when they dry out tho!

  2. I see what you mean-their sweet faces-I used to beso carefulwith my dolls when I was a child- I saw the twilight zone episode where they came to life!

  3. Howdy... When I saw the bun-rabs hanging I knew I had to stop by and see what you were up to. They look down right adorable..great idea. Road kill...thats funny! You are just too funny. Love your blog...hope you will HOP over and visit me... I'd love to have you stop in.
    Have a wonderful weekend.. xoso Sandy O

  4. Me and my cotton-tail are laughing. But they do look so cute!!! Have a wonderful-hoppy day. I do know what you mean about the E-6000!!! Wowsa

  5. I love them, darling bunnies, but the pot pic, does remind me of the fatal attraction theme! See you at Canton!

  6. where did you find that blue bunny? I have the hardest time finding boyish bunnies!