Friday, April 15, 2011

For the Love of Junk!

I want to think all of you who visited our blog and left such "sweet" comments about my front just make me smile! I also wanted to share a few pics of some sweet treasures that I found on the "junkin" trail was a GREAT day in my lil ole "junkin" world!!! Also, after Canton Weekend we will be gearing up ato Hico again for the spring Homestead Show May 13th and 14th! We love doing this show and hope ya'll can plan a day trip and come on out for a great, junkin good time!!! There are so many good vendors and the Homestead Store is just wonderful!! Oh yea......the "fried" pickles at the one and only famous Koffee Kup restaurant in Hico are just to die for......ask for extra crunchy though! Another GREAT THING about the show is that this year there will be an admission charge of $1.oo that will go to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. I think we have all been touched by this awful disease in some way or another, I know I have! Soooo what a great feeling to know that you can help someone and do some awesome shopping, all in a day!

Well, guess I need to sign off this computer and get to work.......Canton and Hico are just around the corner!!! HAVE A FUN, BLESSED WEEKEND!


P.S. Hope you are not wearing a dress it is a VERY WINDY DAY here in Texas!


  1. Love that little white stool! And those chairs on your front porch. They are so cute with the burlap. Guess what? Yep! bought my airline tickets to Texas the end of August. So you know what that means, Canton here I come!!! I'm staying for two weeks so think of all the fun things (trouble) I can get into. One sad thing, it has to fit in my suitcase!
    Hugs from Oregon!!! June

  2. Great finds Cathy and yes it is extremely windy today! Happy junkin, Judy

  3. Cathy, you have such a good eye for junk (I have the hardest time calling it junk). I love all of your treasures! Yes, that sounds a lot better to me....Love you, sandi

  4. Good junkin' escapade for those vintage pictures...Windy in Alabama too with tornadoes all around. Thanks the Lord above He kept our little town safe. Tiff

  5. Thanks for stopping by....great haul of goodies!