Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, and more snow

YES, here in Texas after being "iced" in all week, we woke up to 4in. of snow!!! Normally I would be excited, and think it is sooooo pretty....BUT NOT TODAY!

Deidra and I really thought we could leave and head out to Canton today, but just not going to happen! I think we are o.k. though as Canton received more snow then we did and there are no shoppers wondering around......which is a wise today, my hubby drive my car to work, decided to take a short cut down a rather narrow road, and slid in the ditch!!! A sweet couple in a pick up stopped to see if they could help, then they ended up in the ditch! Another person driving by, turned around to see if he could help, and he slid in to the couple in the truck!!! Thennnnnn, another kind person came along on a 4 wheeler and was able to pull my hubby out of the ditch!

Now, you can see why I am not just real excited about our weather! LOL! But, there is a "Happy Ending" to this sliding one was hurt!

Cathy aka GGJ...another day snowed in, in Texas


  1. Cathy ~
    Your backyard looks like mine!
    I am glad that your hubby got
    out of the ditch ~ oh my gosh!!
    My friend in Canton said there is
    nobody at First Monday which
    isn't surprising ~
    Snuggle up !


  2. Okay...I know I would have ended up in a ditch. Icy driving just scares me! I was so excited about going to Canton yesterday as I have not been in a while...oh well, next month. Save me some good stuff. Miss seeing you guys...stay warm!

  3. Doesn't look like I will make Canton either and I never miss it. My mustang doesn't like icy roads. We got alot of snow at my place ,Royse City. Think I will stay close to here.

  4. Yikes! I think it might have been good to stay at home...ha. Well, I guess I will see you at Canton in March. Woohoo! Almost Canton weather.

  5. Didn't you just LOVE IT!? We sure did, can't make up my mind if I want more or it to warm up. I'm from Cali. so I had to go to the Foot Hills and Serra's for this type of snow. My Family is Loving This. Hope you come by to see some picture of the last two of my post. Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday. ;) God Bless you my friend... Nene

  6. Sorry y'all didn't get to go to Canton this month.... but maybe next month will be a warmer one! Glad your husband and everyone was ok, and no one was hurt! I'll be working at Laurie's next month, maybe I'll get to see you girls!
    hugs~~~ Daphne