Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art n old windows!

HAPPY SUNNY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY........After a crazy, cold week of winter here in Texas, it was great to have a "sunny" Sunday! Now, I do love football, but only if our Dallas Cowboys are playing!!! But, since the Super Bowl was played here in Cowboy Stadium, I did watch the game.......but if truth be known, I really just watched for the commercials and snacks! I do know one thing though.......after being iced and snowed in most of the week, it seems like snacks have been a big part of my day!! And judging how my jeans felt after being in sweats and pj's all week, THE SNACKS HAVE GOT TO GO!!! Sooooo, tomorrow being Monday and the 1st day of a new week, I will try to get back on the "healthy eating wagon"!!!!!

But, the main reason I wanted to update our blog, was to share some pics of the windows that we sell in our Canton location. These are designed by my artistic sister-in-law, and are quite the hit! Enjoy and Hope you have a "marvelous Monday"!

Cathy aka GGJ


  1. What neat windows-love all the sayings-and perfect for any room!

  2. I stopped by to see you girls on Thursday but understand why you weren't open! Too bad the weather messed up our Canton, now watch it be sunny and bright until the next one? No, actually I did see where more cold weather will be here on Wed. Stay warm and see ya next month, T

  3. Love them! and love your stuff at Canton! Lezlee

  4. The windows are beautiful!!!
    It is going to be a great
    and warm Canton next month ~
    I am feeling it :)