Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin its STILL cold outside!!!

O.K.!!! All I can say is ......I am sooooo tired of being iced in, and I have a real bad case of cabin fever!!! Why is it that when we can't get out, we don't want to do any of the things that we should be taking the time to get done??? All I want to do is EAT and NAP, and that is not how I usually am!!

Deidra and I hope to leave for Canton tomorrow, as we are stil iced in! If we can just make it out of our sub divisions, I think we will be o.k.! Even though, we are suppose to get some snow tonight!! My heart goes out to all of you who live in the part of the country that have been getting sooooooo much snow.......I think I would be a tad bit on the crazy side! And sometimes, I probably seem a little "crazy" in my normal state!! LOL

All I have to say is........Come On Spring!!! Stay warm and cozy! Cathy aka GGJ


  1. Cathy ~
    I am so smiling right now because
    I am sitting right smack in front of the fireplace
    and not getting one thing done ~
    Since I am trapped I should be cleaning, organizing
    and working on more things but this fire feels so
    good and I am being lazy ~
    I am kind of glad to hear that you are the same way
    because it makes me not feel so guilty :)


  2. Hello C&D, sorry it is too icy and cold. We will not make it to Canton this time. We have been napping and eating too! Hope that you have a good show and keep warm. sandi