Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I noticed Cathy had posted yesterday so I will try not to repeat what she said except THANK YOU to all of our customers. Canton was great each day! The weather was beautiful and the customers were amazing!

Cathy has been obsessed lately with "nature" for out booth. I will be driving and she will say "stop" I have to get that tree limb, or let me get out and just grab a few of those flowers." By the

end of the weekend, my SUV had so many leaves, weeds and limbs in it that I could have started my own compost pile! By the time we packed up all of our displays and "nature" displays for our Hico show, we left Canton looking like a bunch of gypsies on the trail!

On another note, we had so much fun Saturday night with our friends Ashlie and Joanie from Sassy's, and Kelli from My Tiara Fits, and all of their friends. It was good to relax and laugh at all of their stories.

Also, last but not least, I had some special friends that came by to see me this weekend. Irene, Cynthia and Janice. It was really great to see each of you and I appreciate you all coming by to check us out.

Gotta get busy...Hico here we come!

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