Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well, we survived the high temperatures once again at Canton. It was a hot one I might say! Wednesday Pam got nauseous, then on Thursday I got nauseous, but then I think we all became use to the weather by Friday. Thanks to our regular customers who came to see us. We sure do appreciate you all!

Business was good despite the hot temperatures, and it seems that everyone went home a little early to get ready for the Fourth Fireworks. We did not stay for the fireworks show....we left early to get a bite to eat and then headed for the air conditioned cottage. (Real party people huh?) We did get to enjoy some great fireworks out in the country though.

We had our regular Friday haircut in Kaufman with our friend Amber. She is just really a sweet person, and just so fun to be around. We just love her and are so happy that we found her.

Cathy is having foot surgery this Thursday, so say a prayer that everything goes well and that she has a quick recovery. You may not see her at this next Canton.......but surely by the end of August, she should be back in the swing of things.

Pam and I are getting ready for the Weatherford Peach Festival this Saturday. If you are live close by and want to enjoy some great peach ice cream and do a little shopping, be sure to come by and see us. There are several vendors there and a fun time is sure to be had! Dress cool!
Gotta get back to Junkin'


  1. I am going to set up in Canton (hopefully) I wanted to email you and talk to you but I can't seem to connect to your email. Can you email me at PLEASE !!!!

  2. Oh! please take care of yourself. That heat can take so much out of you. I love your blog and will return. Keep cool!!! Sandi