Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick note to let those of you wondering.....Cathy did great in surgery and is recovering well at her home. She says that she cannot believe the amount of sleep that she is getting. Went to see her yesterday and all is going well.

Pam and I survived the Peach Festival, but was a hot day. For those of you who braved the heat and came to see us...Thanks!

I am getting to take a vacation with the family to Destin. Cannot wait! This will be our third consecutive year, and I must say we are hooked. We just love it! I hope that the beach is as beautiful as usual, since the hurricane hit it last year.
Three days after I return from Destin will be Canton again. I guess I will have to "work a little" while on vacation in order to be caught up with merchandise. I also like to hit some of the thrift shops while I am there...sometimes I find some unusual cool things to bring back. If anyone knows of some places I should stop by while I am there, please let me know.

See you in a couple of weeks!



  1. My son and his family just got back from their family vacay in Destin...he said it was still beautiful! He did say it took forever to get the keys to their condo because of all the traffic.
    Y'all have a really cute blog and I found my way over through the rabbit hole!
    P.S. If y'all are in the Corsicana/Ennis area, stop by and see us at the Summer Market Carolyn Westbrook is holding at her home in Chatfield this Saturday, l8th! I'll be there along with Carolyn, Willow Nest and others. Would love to meet y' all sound like a hoot!

  2. You have a great vacation and relax and have some fun. Next time I visit my daughter I will have to look you up in Canton. Do you have a regular spot? Sandi

  3. Have fun. I will miss you guys at Canton this time...I will be on vacation...Yahoo! I know I will miss lots-o-cool stuff. Stay Cool.

  4. DESTINation Cure is hosting a warehouse/garage sale at Tops'l Warehouses on Saturday (25th) from 8am-2pm. You might find some treasures there. Vic and I will be arriving the week after you are in Destin. Have a great time.