Sunday, November 13, 2011

Falling Behind!

Yep....fall is in the air, and it was a beautiful day here in the Lone Star State today with temps in the high 70's! And, yep to the fact that I have been "falling behind" on updating our blog!!! After a crazy, record busy weekend in Canton last week, it took me several days to recoop.....I call it "The Canton Coma", as all I can do for a couple of days is rest and sleep! LOL! We were all soooooo THANKFUL for all of our friends and customers who came out and shopped with us!!!! We sooooo appreciate each and everyone of you! Another bit of news since my last post.........Jenny from Faith and Pearls will be joining our Girls Gone Junkin team starting next month! She is so creative, and makes some awesome,unique jewelry, and we are so happy to have her join us in Canton......she is not only talented, but a sweet and fun young lady to boot!!! Thats about it for now, hope you have had a fun, filled weekend and if you were on the "junkin trail", hope you found lot's and lot's of treasures!!!


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  1. Good news! I know Laurie Anna's was wild and I figured you guys were going CRAZY! Won't be able to make it out this month dang it! Have a wonderful week and hopefully we will bump into each other soon!