Friday, November 18, 2011

BBB Award !

O.K....I admit that I have been "slacking" on keeping the blog updated, and I could say how busy I have been, or it is just that crazy time of year, but I won't make excuses cause I know that EVERYBODY is busy this time of year, and there is just not enough time in the day to get everything on our "to do" list done!!! Soooooo I will just go ahead and accept the BBB, BIG BAD BLOGGER Award!!! LOL! Today though, I did manage to get lucky and find sooooo many treasures at an Estate Sale this morning......I for sure was doing the "Happy Dance"! Then had to take my sweet momma for one of those colonoscopy things.....she for SURE was NOT doing the "Happy Dance"! LOL! On a good note though, she got a good report! Tomorrow I will start working "Hard for the money" as I have sooooo much to make, bling and get ready for our next Canton Weekend which is coming waaaaaaay to fast! Once again, we aim to have a booth full of treasures and great gift items for Christmas.......soooooo I hope you are making your list and checking it twice, cause The Girls Gone Junkin will try to have everything "Nice"!!! We do love our customers, and promise to put some "joy" in your "jingle"!

Hugs and Junkin Luv to all of you....Cathy


  1. Cathy that is great news about your mom!
    Ohhhh girl you always amaze me at how much you get accomplished every month for Canton ~ Your shop is beyond gorgeous!
    Have a fun busy week!!


  2. Don't worry about not posting we all go through periods of time when we all don't post on a regular basis. But I do miss seeing you!! Take care sweet girl,xoxox-cindy

  3. It just seems like God is playing a trick and speeding everything up these days-not enough time to get done what we have to and not enough time for fun! It's going to get crazy for me working the holidays-but I hope we'll both be able to fit in some fun stuff-and blog about it when we can! Hope things are good with you!