Friday, September 16, 2011

Junkin Treasures.............

Thought I should update our blog as we have not been very good at doing that lately!!! Oooh the BUSY LIFE of a Girl Gone Junkin! LOL! First and formost, we have been receiving rain for over an hour here in the DFW know that stuff that falls from the sky and looks like little drops of water!!! In fact, I just had to pop the cork on a bottle of wine and have a toast...and might just need to toast one more time as we have needed rain for sooooooo long!!!

Yesterday and today, while Deidra has been working on her jewelry creations, I have been hitting the junkin trail "Hard an Heavy" getting ready for our first fall Canton weekend!!! I have really hit the "jack pot" at some of the sales and thrift stores I have found.......some great vintage clothing items, one of which is this awesome, sweet pink "tutu"!!! What is it about ballet slippers and tutu's......I just LOVE them!!!! In fact, I still have my first pair of ballet shoes, and my tap shoes of when I was a little tutus though! Then today, hubby and I went to this awesome Estate sale near our home.....found sooooo many treasures.....lamps, furniture items...a couple of little sweet iron stone pitchers....great old bucket...and then some awesome books....some from the late 1800's!! In fact, at the this sale they had over 15000 books!!! YES..that is fifteen thousand! I have never seen anything like it! It actually filled up a huge barn! The woman who had lived there, had at one time owned a book store in Calif. and when she came to Texas brought all of the books with her......15 trucks full!!!! I would have loved to stay there and go through every box, but had more sales to get to! I will be busy all weekend pricing and packing up all of my goodies as they will all be going to Canton in a couple of weeks!! Hope you are planning your fall shopping trip and coming out to see us as our booth will be "Running Over" with Treasures!!!

Happy Junkin!

Hugs an Junkin Luv......Cathy


  1. Good reason to open a bottle of wine! Fun and a little rain...See you in Nov at Canton. I am coming to see that new Grandson again. Hugs, sandi

  2. I am swooning over that dress!!!