Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Friday......

 is here! After a very long and record breaking HOT summer in Texas, fall arrived this morning, and I am just "Happy...Happy...Happy" about it! My ac is off, and the windows are open! Now, on to other "junkin" news.......we have been junkin...creating...painting...and blinging all month now getting ready for our up coming Canton weekend, as this kicks off our busy shopping season! We are soooo ready and look forward to seeing our friends who only come out in the fall and spring to do their Canton shopping!!! Hope your making that list, and have your walking shoes ready, as there is ALWAYS so much to see and shop for this time of the year!!! Also, wanted to say if you don't follow us on FaceBook, please do as we post pics and comment about what we have going on at least every other day!!! I have found that for me, it is just quicker and easier to keep it updated about our business......I LOVE all of the beautiful blogs out there and have soooooo many that I follow, but, find it can consume sooooooo much of my "junkin'' time for our business and once I start checking out and commenting on one blog, I find myself { like right now } not getting dressed before noon, much less getting anything else done!!! lOL! BUT, we do luv and appreciate all of you who do follow our blog!!! Soooooo, on that note, guess I better get off the computer and get dressed, make the bed, and get all the other things done that are on my list today!!! Oh....and just in case we have not mentioned it lately.....

We APPRECIATE all of your support!!!


Cathy an Deidra!


  1. Yes, the cooler weather this morning was WONDERFUL! Hope you guys have a great show this time!

  2. Hey ladies! I'm LOVING this cooler weather too!! Hope yall have a great weekend and maybe i'll be able to stop by again and say hi. Well, gotta run....back to blingin for me too!!


  3. Im with you! Im an Indiana Gal & the crisp Autumn breeze has me smiling!
    Also we have such splendid color with the changing leaves. I love your silvery pumpkins. What are they made of? Is that glass or a cloth?
    I would like to follow you on FB but am not seeing a link....where are you ?

  4. I was at your place Thursday, everything looked great! I put a pretty picture of you girls on my blog, with a link back to you, go check it out! Lezlee

  5. Sorry but one spring you and Cathy are going to have to hang up a sign that says, "Gone Junkin'" and come down to Round Top to the Prom! I'm not saying you have to stay for days, just a day or two and the Prom. I start laughing at the thought of what you two might come up with to wear!!! Wish you had been there cause' you know there were more than 3 runaway brides!!!!!xxoxo-cindy