Saturday, August 13, 2011

SINGING IN THE RAIN..............

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday and plan on doing something fun this weekend!!! We woke up to some much needed rain her in the Ft. Worth area this morning and really felt like I could run out and sing "praises" in the rain!!! Deidra is on her way to Florida for her family vacation, and I am starting to get my Canton list out and begin creating.......but first, it is Sonic "happy hour" and anyone who knows me will know what that means.....time to get the Route 44 Diet Coke with a shot of vanilla....yummy, can't start creating without one!!!

Hugs and Junkin Love........Cathy


  1. Hello Cathy,
    I am enjoying my new grandson Blake. I will be here for a few days. No plans on going anywhere
    just rest and visit with Blake and his mommy.
    Love the rain this morning. hugs, sandi

  2. We are now getting some rain too!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

    Hope you are having a wonderfully creative day!


  3. Hahahaha! I'm a Sonic Happy Hour junkie too!! Love that! Congrats on the didn't make it too far into East Tx. Still dry here. But it was much cooler yesterday! Happy creating!!