Thursday, August 11, 2011

Help me...I'm Melting.........................................

YES...we are still HOT here in Texas!!! In fact, I think we broke the record of 1980 many days in a row of triple digits! Uggg! The way I sweat, I should be wearing a SIZE 2, BUT not the case so guess ya better put a 1 in front of that 2! LOL! Deidra is preparing to go to Florida on vacation, and I will be here at home on a "STAYCATION" getting ready for our next Canton weekend!!! Today, I did venture out and stopped by an Estate Sale, but by the time I went through everything looking for a treasure or two, and visited with some of my junkin peeps that I know, I was sweating bullets!!! Orrrrr, guess you could say that I had a nice GLOW on my face! LOL! We do hope you are all enjoying the remainder of your summer before the kiddos head back to school, and then hope to see ya make it back out to Canton for some fun, junkin time! Hugs an Junkin Love


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