Friday, July 9, 2010

Thought I would update our blog, as I have not done so since we were in Canton!! Deidra and her family are heading to Florida on vacation in just a few hours! Guess I will just stay home and hang by the pool......if the rain ever stops!! I did manage to hit a few estate and garage sales this morning in between showers!!!
Our Canton weekend was great, and the temperatures were soooooo nice for this time of the summer!! Last year on the 4th, I remember it was 110 heat index and I don't believe that I have EVER been so HOT in my life!!!
I decided that I would give a BIG SHOUT OUT to our friends and fellow junkers who paid us a visit this past Canton weekend!!! For starters, my dear sweet friends, Carla Beth and Dudley came to see us Thurs. morning before hitting the fields. They also brought us breakfast......CAKE BALLS! OMG, they were sooooooo good, especially the Red Velvet ones! Talk about a sugar rush!!! Carla Beth also has a booth at Lone Star Antique Mall in the metroplex!
Our High School friend Prissy, paid us a visit for the first time also!
Perry, Angela and their sweet daughters were among the shoppers, and my sweet, dear cousin Niki and her gang came by and paid us a visit!
Lori of Katies Rose Cottage, Dorothy from the Shabby Y at Lone Star, and our dear friend Denis of Ruby Grace at Lone Star Antique Mall dropped by........sorry Denis that I was out of the booth!! Daphney Nicole was out doing some junkin, and sweet Annette from Annettes touch of class came by!
I got to meet Theresa from Garden Antiques Vintage........she has an awesome blog!!! And then, a new sweet customer named Teri who is new to the bloggin world! Her blog is ....Blooming where I am planted! Now Teri is off to a good start with her blog, but would love some fellow bloggers to follow her!! Hint, hint!!!
And most important, A BIG SHOUT OUT to our wonderful customers, who mean the world to us!!!


  1. Hope Deidra and her family have a wonderful vacation... I'm so ready to go somewhere, anywhere... and soon!!! Looks like you girls had alot of visitors at Canton, I enjoyed being there but it was still a little hot for me!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  2. I am sorry I missed you Cathy. I had some hungry friends who were READY TO EAT! We had a great time and the weather was awesome. I will talk to you soon.