Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good morning blogger friends! Today Deidra is on her way back to Texas as she has been a "Beach Bunny" this past week in Florida and as for me, I have been doing a lil junkin, working on stuff for Canton and then finding time to "PRETEND" I was on vacation while floating in my pool!!! It is amazing how our imagination works....LOL!
As of yesterday though, I have my junkin hat hanging up and my Gigi hat on!!! Our sweet grandson, mommy and daddy are here for the weekend so that means lot's and lot's of hugs and love!!! will be
back on the junkin trail come Monday!!!

Enjoy your weekend......Cathy n Deidra


  1. Well Cathy, we wear lots of hats. Love the Gigi hat. Is that the grandma hat? Love the hugs and kisses and the family time. All thou it is fun to junk and sell. Stay cool and have a lot of fun. sandi

  2. I hope you had fun in the pool today. I got so busy running around and junkin' that I did not get in the pool as I had intended. Oh well, the life of a junker. I may not see you guys at Canton this time. My grief camp starts the next week and I have SO MUCH to get done (we arleady have 85 kids signed up)...I will see. Tell Aunt that she better be getting my guest house ready!

  3. I am glad you popped in tonight.

    The name of your blog is too cute! And, believe it or not I have never been to Canton.
    I am totally jealous of you guys!