Saturday, January 16, 2010

I want to give all of our "junkin" friends and fellow bloggers a "Girls Gone Junkin" update.......Deidra and I are soooooo EXCITED as we are moving to a new location in Canton! Starting the end of Feb. we will be located on row 46 across from the Porch, in the Paul Michael Bld. For several months, we have wanted to move to a "lock and leave" as it is getting more and more difficult to set up and tear down each month! I guess I should say, the body is growing tired and older each month from having to endure the set up and the weather conditions! In our new location, we will be able to leave all of our displays, and furniture that we have left each month. We will be in our current spot at the end of this month and then the work will begin getting our new booth ready! We will still continue to carry our jewelry and all of our shabby decor and furniture and some new items as well! We will keep you posted of our progress getting our new booth ready and post some pics as well! Enjoy the rest of our weekend and Happy Junkin! Cathy and Deidra


  1. Hi Cathy & Deidra! Daphne and I feel your pain! We love Canton but it is absolutely grueling! Sigh.....I'm happy you'll be near the Porch. Daphne's over there, now, too. Ya'll will be neghbors. I'll come see ya'll at your new location next month! TTFN! Lynda

  2. I am SO EXCITED for you guys! This is going to be great and you will be so much more rested. Great News and I can't wait to see you new digs.