Saturday, June 20, 2009

LOL!!! Yes, Cathy is aware that she posted without words......we laughed about it last night. She did post a great blog yesterday, but somehow it is out in cyber-space and she cannot find it. Has anyone ever done that before? Just write something great down and then you hit the wrong button and it disappears? Oh well, she will get back on again soon. She has been busy with her cutie-patootie grandson(Kyan) this weekend. We both had some get togethers this week with past happy occasion and one sad occasion.
I lost a high school friend to Huntington's Disease. His name was Cary Ward. If any of you do not know about this disease...look it up on Google. It is a horrible neurological, hereditary disease that there is no cure for. Cary was funny, smart, witty, good-looking, a great athlete(played football for Baylor), and just a great all around person. Thank goodness he is no longer in pain. He suffered for quite a while. He will be dearly missed by all of his friends and family.

The happy occasion was a wedding reception. Cathy and I had a friend get married. Her name is Jaye. She is a hoot! We just love her. The reception was last night. It was great to see alot of old friends that Cathy and I use to work with. We miss all of them. Jayes' mom put Cathy and I up one night for Canton when we had no place to stay and did not feel like spending another night in the truck.

We have been working hard for Canton. We hope that everyone comes out and sees us. I know that it will be hot, but maybe there will be a breeze somewhere? We have some new stuff that we have been working on. Last month I made some special gifts for "my girls" at the booth and everyone asked about them. They were little bottles with glitter, pearls, rhinestones, and words put into the bottles with a small piece of lace around the top. I will have some of these at Canton. I am trying to have plenty for all, but come soon to get a good selection.

Cathy has been on the go since last Canton just shopping, shopping, shopping for good treasure finds. I think that she has about three or four totes full of "good junk stuff" that she has found to "bling" up for this month. I know that she sure has found me some good stuff to keep. I need to turn her into my personal shopper while I stay home and solder.

Better go for now, I need to get back to work. Hope to see everyone in a couple of weeks!

Girls Gone Junkin'

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