Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am soooo excited as Deidra and I can now both post on our "girls gone junkin" blog!! We are still "babies" in the world of blogging but will soon have the hang of it { I hope! } Anyway, it has been a very busy week.......Deidra has been busy remodeling her house and getting ready for our next Canton. Her house looks great........and I will make sure she takes pics when she is finished........are you ever finished with a remodel job??? I know that with me, one thing always leads to another! It is sooooo much fun though! I am loving this spring weather and hope that we will be blessed with the same in a couple of weeks when we head out for Canton! Cathy .......girls gone junkin!

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  1. Hey cute! i wish i could visit Texas soon to see all the canton surprizes!!!My sis also started a blog JDSCANDLES.COM and is selling her ever so cute candles...check her out and leave a message! Keep us updated on all you new ((old)) stuff!!! from: Mondaie (tuttle, oklahoma)