Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sorry that it has been a few days.....we have been busy, busy, busy! This blog thing is all new for us and we will have to get use to using it on a daily basis. Thanks to all of you who have visited our site and commented. We appreciate all of our "new blog" friends, and look forward to meeting you face to face. Be sure to come and introduce yourselves if you make it by our booth.
I did a little "junkin" this past weekend but did not find a whole lot, just some smalls that will be hard for me to let go of. Does anyone else have that trouble? It seems that sometimes my keep for myself stack is larger than my to sell stack.

Gone Junkin'


  1. Where do I begin?... I'm thinking there should be an entire sector of psychological therapy committed to this problem!

    Hey, let's start a support group....we can have show and tell at our meetings and buy from each other!


  2. Came over from LaurieAnna.....Would love to come to Canton one day....Living in Greenville SC....makes that alittle hard.....My friend here, sister owns several B&B there...I know your girls are having fun...As a retail gift shop owner for 15 years....I know the thrill of the hunt!!!!!

  3. Help! I'm new at this, but I hope this works. Debbie Peterson in Greenville, SC... I live in Atlanta and would love to plan a trip to Canton. Or...if anyone else is interested in a trip, please let me know. Since I'm not sure how to work this site, I'm going to give my email address...ikmarsh@comcast.net.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from all.