Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Under The Big Top......

When you were a child, did you ever wonder what it would be like to be in the circus???? I can remember thinking that it would be so much fun and exciting......would I be a girl on the flying trapeze, or walk the tight rope, or maybe help with the animals? I can even remember playing "circus'' with my 2 brothers and other kids in the neighborhood......our tight rope was a 2 x 4, that laid across 2 milk crates.....we would pretend that it was high in the air as we carefully tried to keep our balance while walking across that old, what we thought was a skinny board! lOL! Now, I am happy to say, that I along with my friends Sue, Pam, Brenda and Jenny will be "playing" under The Big Top! Now, we won't be walking on a board pretending to be on a tight rope high in the air, but will be apart of The Petticoats on The Prairie premier Vintage show being held in Waxahachie Tx. on March 17th!!! We are so excited, and hope you will join us in the fun, and come out for a great day of shopping!!!      Hugs and Happy Junkin......Cathy


  1. Sounds like total fun!! If I lived closer I would come and help you girls....I would even wear my stripey tights, tutu and motorcycle boots!

    Love you girls!

  2. LOVE your beautiful blog, girls! I'm a new follower! ♥

  3. CUUUUUTE!!! love the pic. We hope to see you at our Junk Salvation show in Austin on April 27 & 28th. Of course we would love to have ya'll as vendors too!

    Linda & Dixie

  4. Great , great picture!! Wish I was closer to ya'll, hope to come to Canton this summer , if gas doesn't get outrageous! Come see mein my new "home"!
    Carol in GA

    1. Hey Carol.....hope to see ya this summer too....and really hope gas does not rise much higher! Ouch!