Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It is another Beautiful fall day here in Texas.....Home of our great baseball team, Our Texas Rangers...I just felt the need to add that! LOL! Between watching the games all week, getting ready for Canton Weekend, and just stayin "a float" with all the other day things in a day, my "stress" level is a "tad" bit on the high side!!! But, I do find that sometimes that makes us work harder, faster and get alot more done.......that is why this post is going to be a little on the short side....not to say I just finished my Starbucks Latte with an extra shot!!! Woo fingers are going to town! LOL! F.Y.I. we are having a "Costume Contest" on our if you want to have a chance to win one of our favorite burlap junkin bags, just go to the Girls Gone Junkin FB and send us one of your favorite costume pics of when you were growing up....Or....if like me, you are STILL trying to get there...send us one of your Big Girl costumes!!!

Contest ends at the "stroke of midnight" tonight......Best Witches......Cathy@

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  1. Hey wanted to let you know that there is an auction in Hico this weekend... that you may want to slip over to. It is 1 street over from Homestead, Pecan Street. It starts at 10 and Cindy and Charlie Amidon from Proctor Lake Auction are conducting the sale. One of you may want to check it out.... Hope to see you !!