Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time Flies....

WOW!! It has been a BUSY month for Deidra and I, and thought our blog should be updated before heading out to Canton in the morning!!! Especially since we have not done so since Fathers Day! LOL! Besides hitting the junkin trail, and working on jewelry, or I should say Deidra has been working on jewelry as I have had more fun events going on this month and had to put a few Canton related things on the back burner.......I have attended a party....a wedding...and most important, had a Birthday party at our house for our grandson who turned 3! All of which were on the weekend before Canton........and I will just say, although we all had such a wonderful, fun filled time, and made some great "family memories", I am getting tooooooo darn old for 3 events in one weekend!!! My mind says yes, but the body says Noooooo, and you are gonna pay for all that fun! LOL! Now, I am getting ready to price and pack, help load the trailer, and head out for Canton Weekend in the morning........so hope you are planning on coming out to see us, and who knows we might just have some items marked down for the 4th of July Weekend!!! HAPPY TRAILS........Cathy an Deidra aka GGJ


  1. I hope you ladies have an awesome show this month! Try to stay cool!

  2. Ohhhhh my gosh that is a crazy but fun weekend!!
    Have an awesome Canton weekend too!!


  3. Hello Girls, I hope you have a great show at Canton. Have a Happy 4th. hugs, sandi